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I've finally reached the West.  Bright lights and good food.  Expensive too.  I'm spending the day running around mostly the Eastern half of the city.  A city truly in great flux, having been only three years ago the capital of a nearly bankrupt communist country.  Sections of the wall are still up around the city.  I've collected my piece to take home.  Standing at the wall (now a monument) in front of the Reichtag, I'm reminded of the Book "Wall to Wall" about the author's journey by rail from Beijing to Berlin.  It's a journey I've just completed myself. 

Taking the U-bahn from East to West was a funny affair.  Just as with all of the thousands of miles of rail tracks I've ridden on from China, through Russia and all the way to East Berlin, the ride is bumpy and slow.  I feel like I'm moving as much side to side as I am forward.  Suddenly, the walls in the tunnel change color and the ride smooths out.  The train is traveling much faster now.  I must have entered West Berlin.  There are only a few places where the East and West U-bahn systems have been joined.  On either side of the Brandenburg gate, I saw deep trenches running the length of where the wall used to stand.  Poking out of either side of the trenches were many pipes of various sizes.  Are these to be joined up as well? 

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photo by: CFD