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I am trying to stay awake so I’ll be tired enough to sleep on the plane tomorrow.  That is the best way I’ve found to get over jet lag.  Sleep as much as possible on the trip east and stay awake as late as possible once you get there.  Try to go to bed at the normal time in the local time zone.  I’ve always been able to stay awake when visiting my family and playing with my cousins.  But this plane trip ends in an 6 hour train ride.  Yikes! 


We’ve had a rough itinerary planned out over the last couple of weeks and then came the bad news.  The German train engineers were planning a strike.  The week before we left, they launched small scale strikes at the Frankfurt airport and Berlin public transportation as a warning of what a full blown strike might be like.  Great.  Just what we needed was for them to go on strike on Monday when we arrive Wednesday.  I decided not to worry too much.  Its no use worrying about what you have no control over.  Besides, things have a way of working themselves out.  At least that is what I told my friend who was very upset about this strike and wanted to cancel the trip.  I looked up the last strike and it basically lasted a couple of days, so I figured at most we would be inconvenienced one day.  We just had to get to Italy (and hopefully they wouldn’t be on strike).


 While planning out our itinerary, we also realized that we would be in Europe over Easter, in which most attractions and stores would be closed Friday, Sunday and Monday.  Great.  So much for touring that weekend.  I decided to take up my distant relatives on their offer of me visiting them next time I came to Germany and they graciously invited us to spend the long weekend with them.  Yay!  Wolfgang and Ute had visited my parents in the fall and I met them when they stopped for a couple of days. 


More good news!  On Saturday, they announced an agreement has been reached and there would be no strike on Monday.  Yay!  Things were looking good.  And then they got better!  I was going to visit another distant relative in Munich when we passed through from Vienna, but as it would be later in the evening, she couldn’t put us up for the night.  No worries.  Wolfgang took care of that for me.   He called his nephew in Munich who agreed to take us in.  Wow!  That was super nice!  We were planning on taking a late train to Stuttgart, even though I didn’t want to get back that late.  Now we could stay in Munich longer.


A few days before we leave, we both packed our suitcases.  And then we realized we only needed one suitcase apiece.  Yay!  And we even had room to fit a smaller duffel in for shorter trips!  It is customary in Germany to bring flowers or a gift when accepting hospitality, so we were laden down with gifts for my family and friends that we would be visiting.  Which means even more space to bring stuff back, like food!  I’m in love with Deutsche Sussigkeiten and my suitcase is always full of cereal, chocolates and candy when I come home.  I need the second duffel for my clothes to come home in because my suitcase will be full of cereal boxes and crackers. 


Well, we leave in about 12 hours!  I think my friend is even more excited than I am because this will be her first trip to Europe.  Here we come!

missandrea81 says:
WOW! What a trip!!! Very impressive!
Posted on: May 03, 2008
genetravelling says:
so? did u make it to Vienna? how was it?!?!
Posted on: Apr 04, 2008
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