Day 8. 5. April. Health care in Cuba.

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Can I work as a nurse here?












Biking from Ariamo to Trinidad 50 km.





Health care in Cuba.




We had a transfer to San Francisco.   Biking along the coast against Trinidad with the beautiful Escambray Mountains in the background passing small beaches where the rivers from the mountain meet the Caribbean Sea.




On our tour we passed a village healthcare clinic, and we were invited in and given information about Cuba’s healthcare system.

The local clinic



As I`m working in the Norwegian healthcare system I found this very interesting. 



All healthcare and medicine in Cuba are free. 



The problem for the Cuban citizens is the loss of medicine because of the blockade.  This is reducing the value of the healthcare system that the people in Cuba have been very proud of. 




In Cuba there are one medical doctor pr 231 citizens.  Comparing with Norway’ healthcare system Cuba has more medical doctors’ pr citizens than Norway, we have 251 pr citizens.



Cuba educates medical doctors not only for their one need, but invite students from other countries to study medicine.  Students come from all over the world and especially from other poor countries.  The studies are for free also for the foreign students.

Same drogs as we use, but not looked in
  This is rather expressive I think.




Norwegian goes to medicine school in Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and other countries, but they have to pay for the studies selves. 



Norway is a rich country but education is not for free.




With the increase of tourism the healthcare system is facing problem to keep the medical staff in medical care.  The salary is low and medical educated people leave their jobs and start working with tourism. 




This is not a problem just for the healthcare, teachers, engineers and other high qualified persons choose to work with tourism because they earn more money working with tourists. 



Not that the salary is higher but because of the tips the tourists gives them.



A teacher earns about 18 convertible pesos (1 dollar is 1 convertible pesos) pr month.

Medical journals
  The tourist guides earns about 16 pr month, but the tips they have from the tourists can be up to 200 C pesos a month.  About the salary for one year. 



I do not blame them, but I`m worried about the future of the children in Cuba; Will they have enough teachers, medical staff, engineers and high educated people to build the country in the future. 



There have to bee a change of salary for those who choose to take high education.



The biggest industry in Cuba is tourism and in tourism there is lots of money.



Hopefully there will bee a change in the Cuban society.  Hopefully Raul Castro will make a difference.



After the visit at the lokal clinic we hit the road.  Biking in 30 celsius make you warm, so we decided to have a break and a short swim in the Caribbian. 



We had our lunch at one of the small local resturants.

A swim in the Caribbian befor hitting the road again.
  I didn`t expect much of the food in Cuba but I have to say I were positivly surpriced.  To day we were served lobster.



Just before arriving Trinidad we loaded our bikes in the bus.  We had a few hour in Trinidad befor our bus brought us to our hotel.












pushirubiano says:
Interesting reading! Thanks for posting this.
Posted on: Jul 03, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
Yes you are so right Sarah.
Posted on: Apr 27, 2008
sarahelaine says:
The Cuban system is very interesting, isn't it? I think they have lower child mortality than the US for a fraction of the money, and they even beat parts of Europe for health outcomes. I hope they manage to get their staffing sorted too.
Posted on: Apr 27, 2008
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Can I work as a nurse here?
Can I work as a nurse here?
The local clinic
The local clinic
Same drogs as we use, but not look…
Same drogs as we use, but not loo…
Medical journals
Medical journals
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A swim in the Caribbian befor hit…
Nurce desk
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Old but in function
Old but in function
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