Mango Daquri...Its Mostly Juice

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Me having drinks @ siesta fiesta bar and resturant. en quinta avenida(on 5th ave).

Note: Alcohol and 97 degree weather...not good if your not a reg. drinker.

I found babes I had the mixed rolls and then went to screamin ink. Not so impressed with the rolls but I might try some pasta or something later.
I was a little drunk last night. Ugh... I do not drink at home at all and the waiter at siesta fiesta told me the mango daquri was good He also said that it was mostly juice. LIE, LIE, LIE! I wish I had a pic that thing was HUGE! I couldn't taste the alcohol at all so I figured it was weak.  by the time I left I had a date with the waiter for friday LOL which i am not going on. I got half way down 5th when I ran into some girls from class. In my very logical drunk mind I thought perhaps I was just feeling the effects a little more because I hadn't eaten much. So I decided I'd go with the girls to get some food. I made it half way back down fith toward the beach almost to 100% Natural and I was dizzy so I decided to catch a taxi back to the school. The taxi  driver kept asking me if I was okay...I forgot the words for drunk and rum so of course I was not explaing it very well. I was saying "Mucho rum soy borra bla bla" I believe the word for drunk is "Burracha". but don't hold me on that.

When I got back to the school I decided to call home and checkin with the family. My sister who is a heavy partier actually lectured me. If I hadn't been tipsy I would of been in Shock. It was like me getting a little tipsy (for the 2nd time in my life) accidently was some how terribly worse than her daily partying because "OMG, Your drunk and in MEXICO!" I slept rather well though.


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Me having drinks @ siesta fiesta b…
Me having drinks @ siesta fiesta …