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Getting ready to go to Ladies night @ the blue parrot
 was out late. On the 9th a bunch of girls wanted to go to Blue Parrot so we had dinner at Las Aluxes which was good. it was the breaded chicken lol one of us had to order a meal to get a free appitizer and the card said Margarita's. They said spaghetti wasn´t a meal.  No one was really hungry so we all tried to finish the plate it was huge 2 breaded chicken breasts, a side of some veggie I am not familiar with and a bake potato for $100 Pesos ($10) not bad but I find with the heat I can´t really eat heavily.  We also got customized corona bottles but had to argue a bit on prices.
After that we went to the school and had some drinks. It rained a little bit so Maria Christina (Canada), myself and this french guy Harouna (paris) left for the club while it was holding up.
Personalized Corona
 I have no idea if there is a cover charge or how much it is because we just showed our school IDs and got in free. After about 10 mins of dancing it started to rain again. I loved the Blue Parrot! on one side there is a stage/dance platform and the music was more mainstream (hip hop & reggaeton). On the other side it was techno music. The bar has really cute swing chairs.  after an hour or so I headed back because I have to tour chichen Itza tomorrow. I got lost on the way back because it was my 1st time to the blue parrot and it was dark so I caught a taxi I was in such a rush my finger nail got pushed back and bruised getting in the taxi. I was terrifed the cabie was gonna drive off with me because he took an diff route lol.  he was very nice though and told me he took english courses at Playa Lingua. I got back around 1:30am talked to the security guard for a few mins then called home.

I probably got 3 hours of sleep before the Chichen Itza tour. Also I had dinner at yaxche last night (the 8th of June) .  I was so under dressed in my beach clothes but it was delicious. I had the Mayjitas.
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Getting ready to go to Ladies nigh…
Getting ready to go to Ladies nig…
Personalized Corona
Personalized Corona