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I lost my journal so I'm posting entries from another site I had put a trip report on.

First View of The Gulf

When I 1st got to the Cancun airport my shuttle from the airport to the school was late. I ended up riding with another couple who were headed to the same area. They had the driver stop at the 7 eleven and the husband stocked up on alcohol. It was insane amount of alcohol for their 7 day trip. At one point the husband said...

Husband: "can I drink while you drive?"

Driver: "yes, sir."

Husband: "Can you have a drink?"

Driver: "No sir, no I cannot drink and drive!" 

  We dropped them off at some condos near the beach. The driver helped them carry in their bags and stash of alcohol. I waited in the car...this was my 1st view of the Gulf of Mexico (other than on the plane) and I must say stunning is the only word to discribe it.

The school

When I arrived at the school sometime around 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm no one was there except the gardner and a cleaning lady. Between my broken spanish and a paper clock on the door they told me the receptionist would be in at 3pm.  Playa Lingua itself is rather beautiful. I had originally booked a double room with a private bath meaning I'm suppose to have a roommate. Theres a courtyard between the classrooms and student rooms that is a very nice area to relax. The courtyard has a small pool, hammocks, and a semi enclosed breakfast area with a TV.

I booked a non-private double with balcony on the lower level meaning I will be sharing with another student but there is a private bathroom/washroom. Double rooms could be booked for one person at an extra cost. Persons booking private rooms share a communal bathroom/washroom. The room has two twin size beds, a small desk, and closet.  The bathroom has a decent sized walkin tiled shower, sink, mirror and toilet. I had to kinda laugh when I read a note on the bathroom door about deposing of paper in the waste basket and not the toilet. I guess for the traveler who didn't do research. In the welcome packet there was also a notice that read as follows  "while going topless at most beaches is acceptable students may not want to do so on weekends as this is often when local families visit the beach."

I'm Exhausted but in a good way. I'm having an insanely hard time ushing these keyboards.

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