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Our starting point
Our last day. After a hearty breakfast, we headed to the cable car (located on the other side of town) that would take us to the starting point of our hike to Schwarzhorn.
The weather forcast was calling for clouds coming in this afternoon and rain tomorrow so this was our last chance to hit the trails.
It started out as the perfect hiking day with cool temps and sun. J was quite optimistic and wore shorts.
The hiking trails were very clearly marked so we had no problem staying on track. We started out through rolling alpine meadows with the sounds of cowbells ringing below us. Behind us was a beautiful view of the Eiger (yep did that trail too) with the Jungfrau peeking out from behind. It even looked like she was wearing a bonnet - a cloud formation called lenticularis (or lennies).
The higher we hiked the cooler it got. We even encountered a patch of snow along the way. Eventually we came to the challenging part of the trail....a steep shale covered trail hugging the side of the Schwarzhorn or over an exposed profile. We really had to pay attention to each step we took, otherwise one false step and one of us could go sliding down, down, down.
Once at the top, we were rewarded with a magnificant 360* view. We joined others who were picknicking at the top (catching their breath after a challenging ascent). Others were trudging over the ridge from the other side which is recommended only for mountaineers with proper equipment.
Instead of hiking back to First, we headed to Grosse Scheidegg. Again through alpine meadows past lounging cows who simply watched us hike by then resumed their munching, serenading us with their bells.
rolling meadow trails with a great view of the Eiger and Jungfrau peeking out from behind.
We even encountered a marmot along the way. Luckily I was quick with the camera because he was gone in a flash.
Since it was getting late in the afternoon we decided to cheat a little and from Grosse Scheidegg, took the bus back to Grindelwald. And we weren't the only ones. On the descent, we did see some die hards hiking down and thought maybe that it would have been safer to join them. There were no safety rails along the road which had so many hairpin turns I thought I was going to get carsick. The Swiss bus drivers could probably do these routes with their eyes closed but thank God this one didn't.

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Our starting point
Our starting point
rolling meadow trails with a great…
rolling meadow trails with a grea…
The  Jungfrau with a bonnet.
The Jungfrau with a bonnet.
have to really pay attention where…
have to really pay attention wher…
Youd never find this kind of trai…
You'd never find this kind of tra…
we were waaaaaay up there...
we were waaaaaay up there...
local wildlife...an alpine marmot.
local wildlife...an alpine marmot.
photo by: Vikram