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Well I leave for Bangkok in 12 days! So much has happened over the last fews weeks it seems bizzare to go back and reread my original post (on blogger.com). I am not as scared or anxious as I was 6 weeks ago but I did have a little scare over my application for the ancestry visa about a week after posting. They only certificates I could find for my grand parents were handwritten from the 1920's! Luckily the high commission accepted them and I got my visa on Friday. I must admit I am a little amused that my visa photo is ten times better than my passports, could happily swap them round!. At the moment however I can't really see the benefit of joining IEP but I am sure it will be a gods sent when i get over there and have the job listings!

At the moment I am struggling to decide whether or not I should go on one of those weird contiki tours when i arrive or find my feet and save my pool of money for later when Gareth arrives.
Atm I am leaning towards saving the money and doing some touristy things in London. Either way London is still miles away so the rush of it all will still be enormous! My biggest concern now is what job I will get, not really keen to go back to minimum wage but I know its highly likely.

A girl traveling on the IEP flight to London contacted me the other day, was nice to chat to her and realize I ain't the only one feeling lost. Not sure if we will hit it off over there tho as she seems very different than I am. My fears from the first post however are gone, I am just overly excited and can't wait to go. I got a job offer from my employer to continue on with a permanent role. I declined them of course but lets hope my career can start off just as successfully next time round when i return.

I am flying down to dunedin on Friday to see my family, then returning to auckland and having the week off to screw round with my sleeping habits. I wanna get as close to london time as possible!

I sold my car last week. I feel very stranded but I guess thats a good thing. i have gained alot of weight since getting it and I gotta get used to walking alot if I move to London. Failed my full liscence test tho so I won't be able to drive over there, something that pissed Gareth off more than me.

Oh well, can't wait to go! 12 Day left!

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