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La Fonda at night

As we were ambling about Santa Fe the day before, we came across a narrow street and I exclaimed to Kim that there was a good breakfast joint a block away.  We hiked down and there was Pasquales!  This truly is a hip joint and when I hinted where I would like to consume breakfast over dinner, Sandy simply exclaimed “so you must want to go to Pasquales.”  Although very cramped, you barely take notice in this eatery that features first rate selections and top notch service.  With happy bellies we departed Santa Fe for Taos.


Kim and Sandy had been to some flea market north of Santa Fe last year and since there seemed no satisfying their desire to shop, this was our first stop.

Kiva ladder
  Despite a lack of enthusiasm, we stumbled upon one native artist who crafted some brilliant turquoise pieces and I bought Kim a necklace.  Will confess that the jewelry is beautiful here!  After this stop it was a further ascent.  This entire section of New Mexico is nestled in the mountains…I think Santa Fe is around 7,000 feet above sea level…and Taos must be even higher.


Because Sandy is such a veteran of this area, we took the ‘back way’ so we could visit some villages with more shopping opportunities.  I was impressed that Sandy was so intimate with the area and Kim & I purchased some ‘traditional’ (yeah!) Navajo rugs at one stop – a family that has been rug making for generations and their “shop” was also their factory, with seven looms spread across the floor.


Arrived at Taos around lunch and I was somewhat disappointed.  Have always held this very  high vision of Taos and it struck me as just another traffic jam with nothing distinctive.  The main drag is a disaster…cars, cars, cars!  We endured the traffic for a fun lunch at Doc Martin’s --- a very pleasant dining establishment/hotel right in the heart of downtown Taos.  Our accommodations, however, where at the charming Country Inn of Taos.  Had to hack about a bit to pin down the location (if you stay here, veer left on the 1/3rd mile dirt driveway to avoid visiting the neighbors!).


Once you overcome the angst of arriving, this B&B quickly impresses as wonderful!  Our hostess, Yolanda, gave us hugs as she proudly informed us of the accommodations.

Truchas, case there was any doubt
  I love the architecture around both Santa Fe and Taos…my attempt to explain would be that it’s like ‘Disney does adobe.’  Our B&B was a perfect example and it is very cool to have an adobe fireplace in your room.  And the payback for the time invested in driving around to locate this place was that it was on the edge of town, so you had an uncluttered view from our room.  I heartily recommend this B&B if you plan on visiting Taos.  Yolanda gave us much advice and many recommendations and was dead on every time!


So the reason we were here was to witness the Pow Wow.  This event is a gathering of the Pueblo tribes to compete for cash prizes in dancing and drumming.  But please dismiss the intervention of lucre…as will eventually be revealed, this is a beautiful pageant.  The Pow Wow starts Friday night and we had tentatively planned to congregate because this is supposed to be the grandest Grand Entrance (Sandy has been to the Pow Wow many times and clued us in that the initial Grand Entrance is a phenom – all of the tribes enter dancing in full tribal costume). 


Kim and I ventured through the rain and mud and entered the Pow Wow…but we hadn’t packed any rain gear and the droplets drove us back home.  We subsequently learned that the evening performances got cancelled anyway.

vances says:
Got to do some cross-country skiing at Santa Fe years ago and it was wonderful...just a gorgeous spot on our world.
Posted on: Oct 25, 2009
Sunflower300 says:
I understand the skiing at Taos is wonderful. I have wanted to go there for many years now. I like the sound of the Pow Wow though.
Posted on: Oct 25, 2009
sylviandavid says:
fun blog to read... Sylvia
Posted on: Oct 24, 2009
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La Fonda at night
La Fonda at night
Kiva ladder
Kiva ladder
Truchas, case there was an…
Truchas, case there was a…
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