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The cheap fizzy

No matter how much fun the trip, five am is a really uncivilised time in the morning.  On top of this, the computers at Heathrow were down.  Again.  They were down when I went to Hong Kong too, and both times I went to Europe through HEathrow.  I have no luck with this airport at all.  So by the time we got to Schippol I was already knackered, and managed to persuade everyone to get on the wrong train, so we had to get on the tram at Zuid.  Mind you, getting the tram at Zuid is actually pretty easy, because it stops at Leidseplein and that was where we were staying.  So there are worse mistakes to have made, and I hope that the others forgave me!

We decided that it was a good idea to go straight out rather than to have a nap, and so we went to have a look about.

Dubbel - lollies!
  We ended up eating noodles in a noodle bar, and then going shopping, and I have a really nice belt to show for that trip!  We got a drink in the Three Sisters on Leidseplein, and then went and sat in the hotel bar for a while.  It took us a while to wake up again, but then we headed out on the town. 

This trip, we were tourists, and so we ate around Leidseplein.  The place that we went to is called Dubbel, and the food was terrific.  We also got some fizzy wine really cheaply, which is great as we were celebrating N's shh'th birthday.  The nice barman gave us some really manky lollies - goodness knows what was in them, but I think it's a don't ask don't tell thing!  Then we headed on down to the red light zone, and wandered about.  We even got a row from a prostitute for having a conversation in front of her window.  The girl can probably deliver severe rows in half the languages in Europe, and serious props to anyone who can take themselves seriously whilst wearing the female equivalent of that thing that Borat wore! 

The suit of armour is from a bar called Excalibur, which was really expensive so don't go there!  That said, it's in the heart of the red light zone and has suits of armour, so maybe just the one...

FurkanS says:
one of my favourites :)
Posted on: Jun 14, 2016
oldschoolbill says:
You slept in till 5am 1/2 the day is gone.Cheap, don't ask I like it, I like it!!
Posted on: Mar 18, 2008
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The cheap fizzy
The cheap fizzy
Dubbel - lollies!
Dubbel - lollies!
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