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The airplane with which we arrived at Santiago

This is the first day of my 24-day holiday to Patagonia. This hiking tour is organised by a Dutch travel organisation, SNP. I will travel in a group with 4 other women, and 10 man (including the tour leader).

We (my parents, my grandmother and myself) leave our house early, to prevent that we will get stuck in traffic. Because of this, we arrive way to early on the Schiphol airport. I have to wait until someone of the travel organisation arrives to hand over the tickets. After this, I can check in, go through the passport control, and meet my travel companions at the gate.

First I fly to Madrid with Iberia. It is the first time for me to fly, so it is really exciting! The airplane takes off. How amazing! I admire the force and power of the motors! I thought that my place would be at the window, but unfortunately it wasn’t a window. Instead, I sat next to the emergency door!

After about 2,5 hours flying, we arrive at the giant Madrid Airport. It is a large distance to the airplane that will bring us to Santiago de Chile. Therefore, we go with the underground metro to the other terminal.

Plaza Mayor in Santiago
We fly to Santiago in an Airbus A340-600, again with Iberia Airlines.


We arrive in Santiago de Chile at 10.00 am (local time). We are transported to Hotel Paris (Av. Paris 813, Santiago) with two taxi buses. It is a nice hotel. The rooms are created in an ordinary authentic living house, with small hallways leading to various parts of the building. We divide the rooms and we can refresh ourselves before discovering the city. We then all walk to the centre (about only five to ten minutes by walk!). We have some problems with getting money; the machines don’t give us more than 20.000 peso’s. Then we walk to the Plaza Mayor, where we order a huge Italian hamburger and something to drink (costs: 5.000 peso’s per person). The servant warns us to keep a close eye on our bag packs and cameras! The Plaza Mayor is a nice plain, not to big. On the plain stands a tall Christmas tree (it is 4 days before Christmas) with Coca-Cola items in it. The weather is great: sunny and 25 degrees Celsius. With this (for us unusually weather for December), it is impossible to come into the Christmas-mood.  

After a short visit of Mercado Central (= a big indoor market, where a lot of fresh fish and vegetables are sold), we walk to Cerro San Cristóbal ( = a 300 meters high hill, with a 22m high statue of Maria).

Mercado Central in Santiago
It is possible to walk to the top of the hill, but since we will walk a lot more during this holiday, we go with a little train (costs: 2.000 peso’s).  Here we have an amazing view over this city with 5 million residents.


On our way back to the hotel, I walk with two of the women towards a little park another small hill: Cerro Santa Lucia. This appears to be a beautiful park . We however got a bit lost on our way, so when we finally find the park, we decide not to visit the park anymore and return directly to our hotel.


After a short time for ourselves in the hotel, our group gathers and we go by metro to a nice restaurant.

The 22 meters high Maria statue at Cerro San Cristóbal
Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it! Anyway, it was located on a small inner court with a few more restaurants. Here we can sit outside, to enjoy the pleasant weather. I find it a perfect occasion to get acquainted with the famous Chilean grilled meat! I share a local red wine, and I eat a delicious cinnamon-pie as dessert!

We leave the restaurant at 10.15 pm, and walk back to our hotel.


In short: Santiago is a great city, where it is very good possible to discover the centre by walking, although there are plenty transport facilities. I would recommend Hotel Paris to other travelers. Because more than one person has warned us for bag snatchers, keep an eye on your belongings! I can recommend visiting:

-          Plaza Mayor

-          Mercado Central

-          Cerro San Cristóbal

-          Cerro Santa Lucia

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The airplane with which we arrived…
The airplane with which we arrive…
Plaza Mayor in Santiago
Plaza Mayor in Santiago
Mercado Central in Santiago
Mercado Central in Santiago
The 22 meters high Maria statue at…
The 22 meters high Maria statue a…
View from Cerro San Cristóbal ove…
View from Cerro San Cristóbal ov…
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