Fascinating country without enthusiastic atmosphere, according to my 2 week trip!!

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My only reminded picture of France! It's taken in Bordeaux. Digital camera was very high-tech at that time, so I was advised not giving stranger my digital camera, in case robbing. I blocked only exit and asked a nice visitor taking picture for me.

I traveled in France for 2 weeks, right before going to the UK. This was my first journey by only myself. I was so excited and worry. I visited Paris for a week, then went to Rouen, Caen, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, tours and back to Paris for going to London via Channel Tunnel.

France is fascinating country to visit with outstand architectures, diversity arts and, delicious and delicated cuisine. I was most impressed by the street view of Paris, the flamboyant church in Rouen and great meal even in so so looking pubs. However,  French seems not friendly to the people who can't speak French. In my 2 weeks trip, only one person I would call him friendly.  I visited by myself to German, Greece, Netherland etc. I did feel the passion from local people even with the language issue. Therefore, I don't think language is the problem for tourists to feel warm welcome.

I didn't tell my mother that I am going to travel in France before going to Birmingham for study!! Therefore, I got very limited budget and travel with huge luggage. I was so worry to go to restaurant if they are too expensive for me to afford. I bought sandwishes almost every meal. After few days, I seriously felt that I need some rice and hot meal even I ate very much and couldn't eat any more. This is first I realised I'm very Chinese who care of rice, so I went to Chinese restaurant and ordered just fired rice!! At that moment, I felt that I am contented!!  I, finally, eat something!!  ^_^

Luckily, I met a very kind girl from Norway during this lonely trip.  We both traveled alone and met each other in different castles near River Rhone. We, finally, chatted with each other and decided to go to restaurant together. The food was great and inexpensive. That is the day French won foodball game, everybody was happy. We also got drunk and felt happy as well. After that, I decided go to restaurant at least once every day. I couldn't stand COOL food anymore!!!! I had the great meal in Nantes next the castle. It's pity that I lost every pictures of my French trip, after my laptop got damn virus..

By the way, the Norwegian is very nice girl. We met on the last day of her traveling. She lent me her Lonely Planet of "France". I didn't send back to her, because I lost her address. If anyone heard that story from a Norewgian, please let me know. I would like to say sorry and thanks to her, moreover, I would like to buy a New verison of Lonely Planet of "France" to her!! 


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My only reminded picture of France…
My only reminded picture of Franc…