DAY 8. 9:40 PM (Osaka)

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Took us two hours to arrive from Kyoto to Osaka (the Big Slope). The only way to describe Kyoto is very antique... kinda like 1500 ancient Japan. Around 10 AM, we went to a small village where the Kiyomizu temple was. Here was where the famous spring water was located... apparently said to have special healing powers. Had way too much of that stuff. While I was there, I walked into a store owned by people who use to be ancestors of some ninja clad that escaped into refuge along with the others that didn't want to obey the samurai code of law. Had a nice discussion with them, and they taught me how to throw shuriken (ninja stars) with precision. Spent about 5 hours there. Next stop was Todai-ji temple, which is the largest Buddhist temple in Japan... located in Nara City. Craziest thing I've seen all trip. The rest was a blur after that, but for the most part... the tour explored through the city and we ate at an old-fashioned udon restaurant. Today was our last day of the tour... so we said our good-byes to the crew and had a nice karaoke session on the bus. I guess now I'm ready to explore this place on my own. To tell you the truth , I'm getting sick of this vacation state. I've gotten a lot thinner no matter how much I've eaten... and I feel lazier by the second. Gotta get back to the gym and get my mass back. Oh well, only 2 more days... including the flight back.

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photo by: yasuyo