DAY 5. 10:10 PM (Tokyo)

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Serving up some tea in an old-fashioned Japanese hotel in Kyoto.

Departed Tokyo (Shinjuku) for Hakone Island. Took many bus trips in order to get to Mount Fujii (AKA: the active volcano in Japan). While I was there, found a lot of crystals and took a bottle of their finest and famous spring water with me. Then we hiked up this incredibly huge mountain where they boiled eggs in sulfur. The place smelled awful, but it was very interesting to hear the stories that this place had to offer. Apparently, if you eat one of the eggs... you live 7 years longer. Yeah, something I don't quite believe either. Everyday on this tour we stop by a really unique type of inn or eating place for lunch and dinner... and every single plate they have some green tea and miso soup already lined up for you to eat. Kinda getting sick of it after eating it for the last 3 or 4 days. We watched a lot of crazy things today and shopped at a whole bunch of street markets and vendors. Right now we're in a place called Izui... very old style Japanese look and everyone dons a yukata. Today was a very interesting day... ended up in the hot springs with a bunch of other naked dudes and I had the time of my life. Burns like hell though. Now I can't wait for tomorrow and what happens next.

Something I need to make a note of while I'm here..... Japanese bath houses are crazy! Need to go back to Tokyo sometime to party, but at night it's dangerous as hell.

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Serving up some tea in an old-fash…
Serving up some tea in an old-fas…
photo by: ys484