DAY 1. 8:01 PM (Tokyo)

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Well, the flight was about 11 hours long from Los Angeles, California to Narita, Japan. I watched "Hitch" and "Are We There Yet?" about 6 times each while I was sitting there, and slowly started to develop these blood clots in my ankles and toes. Glad the flight ended though. It wasn't too much trouble getting out of baggage claim and immigrations, but was the more difficult part was asking for directions to the nearest bus station. I soon learned that if you don't speak Japanese in this country, you're toast. Actually... you can get by fine with English... just a little more difficult.

After the flight though, I was way too tired to stand. After you pass the date line on the Pacific Ocean, you start to go a little bit more forward in time. Anyways, the bus took about 20 minutes to arrive... and the first thing I noticed throughout the ride was there was this military gate we had to pass through in order to enter the country. Seems that the Japanese security is more uptight then I thought.

The hotel I was staying at for the first 2 nights was called the Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu. Traffic was a lot worse than I expected in this country, both incoming and ongoing. If you ask me, the Japanese are way too strict around here. Speed limit has to be under a certain rate, trash has to be thrown in the specific container, blah blah blah... it took some getting use to before I went crazy. So after I unpacked and took my shower, I took a local taxi to the Narita mall next to the JR station. Lesson number one... AVOID TAKING JAPANESE TAXIS AT ALL COSTS! WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! But I checked out the mall and the arcades, and I have to say that these guys have the edge up on the United States in that matter. To make a long story short, ate dinner (which was pretty damn good) and came back to the hotel to get some sleep. Too tired to write anymore right now, so I will write tomorrow.

chriskicks says:
wow security gate huh? i want to go to japan, is everything overly expensive?
Posted on: Dec 02, 2007
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