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Well, well, what an interesting week it has been so far! So many things to think about, I feel in a bit of a muddle to be honest. The thought of packing and preparing everything, combined with being INCREDIBLY sad about leaving everyone has meant my brain has totally switched off and I've basically achieved nothing! Dunno if this happens to anyone else but it's so frustrating coz I feel like I should be super excited about my new adventure but to be honest Im dreading right now!

Anyway a couple weekends back I had my last night in town(it's a big thing coz Im ALWAYS out every weekend) and it was bittersweet. The DJ's played all of mine and Jennas fav house/electro music so that was really great but then I saw sooo many friends that I had to say goodbye I ended up goin home a bit sad! Anyway a good night and OK fotos(coz i wasnt too plastered yay!!).

Then this weekend I had a big shopping trip for all the stuff I was gonna need for my list was long...very long and hell damn expensive! Bought a sleeping bag that squishes down SO small I was amazed ahah and then some boring stuff I never knew I needed but mum said were best to take incase lol. Then came the time where I needed to find my backpack! WELL who knew backpacks were so technical?!!? I sure as hell didnt! I walked into the Adventure camping store and the first thing the guy said to me was 'Love are you in the right place?' Im not sure if it was because I looked like a deer in the headlights(all this camping stuff confuses the shit outta me) or if it was because I was wearing a summer dress and heels lol but he had that WTF look on his face ahah. Anyway I said i needed a backpack, then he like showed me all these different ones explaining this and that...i got lost after he started talking about freakin pockets and asked if any of the packs came in pink and suddenly this HUGE burst of laughter erupted in the store,obviously people had been listening to our conversation!...anyway was a bit disappointed that certain pack only came in blue and red but was happy coz apparently it has really good back support-something I never knew backpacks even had lol. Then I went to pay for it- $279 araghhh and OMG they happend to have METALLIC PINK swiss army knives!!!! I dont even know what I'll need it for but it also had a nail file,little scissors and a bottle opener in it so I was like 'oh well thats me set' and bought it too :)!! Then after telling the staff what my travel plans were, the man that served me looked really worried about me venturing off into the great unknown and emphisied his 'GOOD LUCK' to me ahaha. Then I went and bought a dress and gold sandels lol. So after 7 hours of shopping and $700 later, Im finally set with everything I need for my trip!

This week Im not really looking forward too though, I have to start packing tomorrow, sort out my mobile, apply to MORE jobs (shiiiit its stressing me out so much!) and finally say goodbye to my dearest friends *sob*:( Alot of people have told me they think Im too young to do this on my own at this age, but even though I may seem naive about the equipment side of things or too prissy, I know Ive got a good head on my shoulders and am well capable of pulling this off and having the best time of my life. Its gonna be a big learning curve, but Im ready for it. The first 2 weeks I think are gonna be the hardest, getting used to Melbourne(sooooooooooooooo much bigger than hamilton), sorting out some type of work, feeling homesick and establishing friendships with other travelers and locals but after that, hopefully everything will fall into place and I can start really enjoying the trip I have planned all those months for!

Ahhh, hope I have not bored you all half to death with my rantings about nothing, but I felt like I needed to get it off my chest with people who may be or have been in the same situation. I'll write another entry hopefully the day before I leave. Take care all, and most of all-LIVE IT UP BABY!!

Ape says:
Hah yeh, 20kg is not much at all aye? ;) I went shopping in Christchurch for warm clothes, had to bring some back because there was no way they'd fit into my backpack :D Hah!
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
shanza_darling says:
oh i didnt even see your comment till now:P
good to know someone else feels the same! i dnt even know why im like this coz i wasnt that sad leaving everyone when i was sweden for a year ahah.maybe coz im gonna have more responsibility this trip...ahhh i dunno, but i feel a bit happier now anyway:) just packing is a bitch lol,20kgs is NOTHING!
Thanks for the advice and good lucks!! :):)
Posted on: Mar 10, 2008
Ape says:
Hey Shanza,
I know how you feel! When I left home four months ago I was exactly like that. Sad goodbye's to your friends and family, but also the excitement of buying all that new gear and the date of departure coming closer and closer! I'm sure you will have a wonderful and awesome time. Sure there will be hard times, times you miss your friends and family so badly; but let me tell you, it'll be worth it. No worries and no hurries! I will definitely follow all of your blogs and travels. Can't wait! Good luck with all the last minute preps :)
Posted on: Mar 09, 2008
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