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Oh wow what a full on 24 hours it has been! i dunno where to head is really sore still from last night lol.

Well arrived really early at the airport on saturday and had a lot of time to kill, so mum and i got sushi and then checked out the duty free shops.It took a lot of will power to not buy anything coz i knew i couldnt carry it all!then my friend sam met up with us and we all went to the bar.wasnt the bst idea! i got a bit drunk and then got soooo emotional wen i had to say bye to was really sad.anyway the flight was good,mostly coz i fell asleep like right away ahah but wen i woke up for dinner i had THE WORST headache in the world i wanted to die! luckily it was only about 45 minutes till we landed.The lady sitting next to me was really nice though, and we had a really good chat about what I should see and do while in Melbourne and Aus.Its people like that who are randomly kind and helpful which makes travelling seem so much fun.

Anyway we landed and getting through customs and everything was super fast except for when it came to collecting our luggage. OMG waited like 30 mins for my suitcase to come through i got so pissed off waiting and knew my my friend Kristen who was waiting for me would be wondering where I was. When I finially got the suitcase I literally ran out the arrives gate and screamed when I saw Kristen! It's been 2 years since Ive seen her, I missed her so much!! Anyway she gave me a quick hug and keeping true to her BLUNTNESS she was like 'I hope you can get dressed in the car' lol since she was taking me to her friends 21st birthday right then! When we got out of the airport I was hit in the face by the heat and humidity,it was unbelievable. We jumped in the car and started our hour long journey to the party. We stopped for some fast food(I never eat it!) and i had my first burger and fries in 4 years! we quickly ate it in the car in the carpark and got dressed then continued on. We arrived at his place in the middle of nowhere and were greeted by a really wonderful set up! Everone was out socialising,drinking and eating outside and the music was really good!Then I was introduced to everyone and they were all so lovely but thought my accent was really funny and kept wanting me to say all these randoms words ahah. Then more people arrived and things start getting blurry from then on lol. Sometimes free alcohol isnt good coz I had loads of champaigne, punch and tequila with no food and ended up not remembering the rest of the night! I woke up this morning like WTF and went and found Kristen in the other room.She told me what happened the rest of the night,most of which was very funny, then the guys came in and chatted with us for a bit but we were so incredibly hungover I cant rememeber anything that was said. Then we left Matt's house around 10am and drove about 20 minutes to Kristens real house out in Tooradin and I met her dad who was nice and BLUNT like she is, then we literally crashed out on the bed for about 4 hours. When we woke up it was sooooooooooooo hot I swear I was melting! We had a shower then left back to the city to Kristen's uni place she lives at. We were still VERY hungover and hadnt eaten so we got some food then drove though the city. I was so surprised how HUGE everything was, I could tell I was gonna love this place:)

We arrived at her uni place around 6pm and went up to her room. Wow it was tiny and HOT! I dumped all my stuff(which now means there is no room to walk lol) then she introduced me to a few of her friends and then we headed to the supermarket to buy stuff for dinner. After that we came back up to room, where I spent an hour replying to emails from everyone, then we watched a bit of t.v then went to bed around 2am. We stayed up talking for ages and laughing alot which annoyed her cousin(her other room mate next door) and she kept txting Kristen to SHUT UP but added in a few extra words lol.

Anyway its Monday morning now. Just woke up and Kristen is at uni till 1pm, so  I have a few hours to kill until we head to the city later on, so I may tidy up a bit for her, get ready then watch some aussie T.V! I'll try to get some fotos up asap!

Anyway, hopefully my next entries will be a bit more exciting once I start DOING stuff!

Take care all:)


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