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Making Tempeh

The last few days have been really busy!

Yesterday Megan and I got up early to do a village tour by Dokar (horse and cart). I had done this tour 3 years earlier except by bicycle - this time was far more relaxing. We visited several home industries including an old woman making tempeh (fermented Soya beans) and we were able to have a go at wrapping the beans up in the banana leaves ready to ferment.

We also visited a woman making mud bricks and had a go at this as well. The people from the village spend all day making hundreds of these mud bricks and sell them (for next to nothing).

We also got to see a traditional Javanese grave yard and how rice is harvested and processed. They harvest the rice using practically no machiniry- they spend all day in the fields doing everything manually.

Showing off our rings with Agus, our instructor
I had a go at removing the raw rice husks from the plant by bashing it against a wooden platform and it's hard work!!

The village tour was fantastic and it really gave you an idea of what life in a Javanese village is like.

Fi and Doogs had only just gotten out of bed by the time we returned to the hotel. We went out for lunch and then went back for a swim.

That evening we took a silver making course which was heaps of fun! I made a ring - we all did. We all stamped our initials and the date on our rings to commemorate our trip - cheesy yes. Agus our instructor was excellent and managed to fix our mistakes when we stuffed things up (this happened frequently).

After the course we couldn’t be bothered finding somewhere to eat so we ordered a ridiculous amount of pizza from Papa Rons, as well as McDonalds, and made ourselves sick.
Borobodour Temple

This morning we had o get up early again to visit Borobodour, an ancient temple which is absolutely amazing. We went via motor bike (scooter actually) which was a little scary but a lot of fun! Borobodour was extremely hot (the volcanic rock absorbs all the heat from the sun) and we nearly died. We hired a guide called Jean who was amusing and taught us about the history of the temple (very interesting). I should have had more to drink which we were there as on the way home I began to feel dehydrated and sleepy - not good when your on the back of a scooter!

That evening we headed back to Via Via to take a cooking class. We made chicken sate, jackfruit curry, krupuk, yellow rice, croquettes and caramelized fried tempeh. It was hard work but incredibly delicious!

We are all completely exhausted!!

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Making Tempeh
Making Tempeh
Showing off our rings with Agus, o…
Showing off our rings with Agus, …
Borobodour Temple
Borobodour Temple
Mmmmm Papa Rons
Mmmmm Papa Rons
photo by: siscalustiawati