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Today we left Tilajari and began our quest to Tortuguero... in search of the sea turtle... that comes to Costa Rica once a year to lay their eggs. After that, they get their asses back in the ocean and migrate elsewhere. Their patterns are screwed up. But the first stop was the bug art museum, where a world-class display of insects and collections of artworks were shown. We spent about 30 minutes there just to settle down and have a snack. Then we took off to Tortuguero. After about a good hour of driving, we came across this university called EARTH. What it was was an agricultural and ecological resources university where students and professors work together in order to benefit the world both financially and ecologically. While we had lunch there, two of the school's students came to talk to us about their experiences and studies abroad. It ended in 15 minutes, so it was ok. Stopped by the university gift shop and got 2 safari hats (one for Kathy), and that was it for that. Along the way, we came across a dirt road, and that took us a long time to get through. About an hour and a half of bumpiness. Once we got to the water port, we split into groups to get into speedboats. Estimating the distance, we were about 50 km from Tortuguero. Along the way we encountered a banana plantation from the Del Monte company. The tour guide Max gave us a brief overview about it while we headed down.

When we got to the water taxi, it took us about an hour to get to the Tortuga Lodge. Along the way we encountered a lot of wildlife out there.. but all in all, we had fun cruising. This place... I have to admit... is the worst place that we've stayed in all throughout the trip. The water is dangerous to drink and shower in... no TV, no air conditioning, a lot of bugs... and not just regular bugs! o man... but there are some good qualities. Good food, good accommodation, people are nice. Shortly after, we had dinner. Then we headed back to our rooms to change into dark clothes. Tonight is supposedly when the turtles come to hatch their eggs. Took us about 5 minutes by boat to get to the beach... and 2 hours of walking through the Caribbean to get to the right spot. We walked nearly 2.4 miles to get there... but we did it. Fortunately, we were able to find 2 turtles out there burying their eggs. One of them ran back to the ocean because it got nervous. Now we were tired, but walking back was a pain in the ass. No one could see... it was pitch black... and all we could hear was the ocean. We came back around 10 PM... so it took about 4 hours to see anything. Now I'm sweaty and tired, and about to drop dead on the bug infested floor. Lights out.

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photo by: Paulovic