DAY 6. 9:55 PM (EST)

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This is an image of me ready to go river rafting on the Costa Rican rivers.

Rough day today. Woke up at 6 AM and ate breakfast really quickly. Then the tour bus took us 20 km north of Tilajari to stop at this rapid river. The whole group went on a whitewater raft expedition around 7 AM... and the waters were rough. It took us all the way downstream and into crocodile territory. Once we passed, we observed a lot of birds and river creatures. Afterwards, we stopped by a farm where this old man of about 91 yrs old was running it, along with his younger brother... who was about... 88. :-P The family treated us to tortillas, cheese, coffee, and pudding. We were surrounded by dust, dirt, not to mention cows and chickens everywhere. The little kid was really excited because she never got to play with live chickens before. It was a good day. We paddled our way downstream, and in a few hours... we made our way up the slippery hill to get back to the bus.

After I woke up from my 2 hour long nap, it was about 6 PM... and that was when our volcano watch was. I grabbed all my dirty clothes and put them back on... because my parents rushed us really quickly. We made our way up to the volcano to check out the sites. Unfortunately by the time we made it up there, it started getting really foggy and dark, so we couldn't see anything. All I know is... the volcano was right in front of us. The whole tour group sat down on tables and ate chips and drank cold drinks... it was really fun. Got back around 8 PM, ate dinner... and then started packing for Tortuguero... our next stop. It's a remote island where you can only get there by boat. Should be fun... I think. On a sad note, I just heard that Bob Hope died. Poor guy... lived to be 100. man...

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This is an image of me ready to go…
This is an image of me ready to g…
photo by: Paulovic