DAY 4. 9:06 PM (EST)

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Woke up at 7 AM today... went online for the most part, then ate breakfast (ham and eggs) really quickly. Didn't have that much time to spare. After that, the tour bus arrived, and it took the whole group throughout the jungles and rainforests that we haven't been to yet. First stop was the Monte Verde Cheese Factory, located on this secluded farm privately owned by a small family. This factory is the sole supplier of dairy products for Costa Rica and parts of South America. The tour guides took us through the whole factory, and then they took us through the farms where the cows and pigs were harvested and raised. The thing I really didn't get was that they made everyone soak their shoes in iodine before we could step in... but it was an outdoor farm. weird, huh? Anyways... it stunk like crazy! haha... but eh... then we went to the butterfly farm where every single species of butterfly and bug that dwells in the Costa Rica rainforest habitat. For the most part, it was ok. The little kid got mad because she couldn't catch any butterflies. :-P haha... but at the end, Sloane gave her one that she took by the wings. haha. It got really tiring after that, and I mean TIRING. We went through this entirely different part of the rainforest with a tour guide that didnt speak English.. and I almost ended up breaking my ankles a few times because I couldn't see where I was stepping. It took about 3 hours, and by the time we were finished, we headed back to the lodge to rest. Oh man... we move at such a fast pace that it's hard to keep up. I can handle it though... and I'm surprised that Kristine can to. It's 9:24 PM now. Lights out.

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photo by: smhirsch