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Kind of a slow day now that I think about it. Whatever... it was what I'd like to call a chill day. The first thing that happened... woke up at 8 AM to go eat breakfast at the Multiplex mall. When we got there, it wasn't open... so we had to wait a good 10 minutes to get in. Ate McDonalds. Can you believe it? haha... Well... after that... we went shopping down in downtown San Jose. Man o man did I fool around with a lot of crazy stuff. Costa Rica has a sick sense of souvenir vending, I'll tell you that. I mainly fooled around with the swords, bow and arrow, and knives. I have pictures to prove it too. :-P The old lady who ran the place was laughing at me and my weird sense of humor. :-P haha... oh... then we went to the Campero! (AKA: The best fried chicken joint in Central America) yup... let's see... went back to the hotel to rest up for the big BBQ that Tauck Bridges was giving. So, I slept for about an hour, then woke up and go down into the courtyard where the BBQ was. All we did down there was eat and get to know our traveling group. Ate a lot of cheesecake.

I have to introduce all of you readers to the group. Well... actually let's start out with the people that stood out the most. Let's start with our family first.

Nguyen family: 5 people, Vietnamese group from California, experienced in travel and roughing it. Me and Ryan... not too excited about all the thrills though.

Paul McDonald: the tour leader. Cool guy, knows Costa Rica in and out... and he's only been here 3 times. Travels along with a group of Costa Ricans who are our bus drivers. Rodrigo is the most known out of all of them.

Vivian Walker: 82 yr old African American women. As you can tell, she's pretty old and not too quick, but really tough and has endurance. She has the energy and vitality of a 25 yr old. I really liked her.

James Whitney: 45 yr old Vietnam veteran. He's pretty down actually.. he's pretty funny, and he tells cool stories. He lives in Riverside, California with his wife, Debra, who also accompanied us on the journey. They said I could come over anytime for dinner... seeing as how I go to UC Riverside and all.

The Kelley family: Debbie (mother), along with Matt (10 yrs old), and Chelsea (15 yrs old). They seem to be pretty much like us. I don't really talk to them, but they follow us around a lot. Reside in Florida.

Peter Jensen.: Looks like a real nature enthusiast. Brought all of the essentials and more. He's tough, and he spends a lot of time talking to my dad about losing weight and jokes. Has a son named Peter Jr. also... and he is seriously the most annoying kid on the tour. He also has a wife who came along, but I don't know her name.

David Fox: Physical exterior: 6'3" buff African American guy. Looks really tough, and he could beat the crap out of anyone on the tour if he wanted... but he's too nice. He was celebrating his 1 month anniversary (which is technically the honeymoon) with his wife who is Caucasian... and she joined us on the trip too.

Sloane Schneer: 8 yr old girl who played with Kristine throughout the trip. She's a really bright kid. Came with her grandmother, Nola, who is also a very bright and kind woman.

Connie Wilhelm: a woman who came with her 6 year old stepson Cole. Cole plays too rough, especially with Kristine. Kind of worries me.

Tyler Koepke: a kid who likes to play Game boy as much as Ryan. He also hangs out with Peter Jr. a lot, so I try to stay away from those two as much as possible.

We leave tomorrow at 6 AM, so I got to sleep now. This is going to be one heck of a trip.

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San Jose
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