DAY 10. 11:30 PM (EST)

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I never seem to get any sleep during my vacation. But o well... it also seems that time moves very slow nowadays, so who needs sleep? Anyways... woke up incredibly early and packed all my clothes into the suitcase. Left for Costa Rica International at 6 AM, and got there around 6:30. Customs and departure tax... and waiting in line... ALL THAT TOOK AN HOUR AND A HALF! But we managed to make our 9 AM flight to Guatemala in time, and EST was about an hour and 20 minutes. I slept through the whole flight, and I got the whole aisle to myself. :-) Arrived in Guatemala around 10:30 AM, and customs was once again a bitch, but at least we got out fast. Alvaro was there to pick us up from the airport, and he dropped us right off at the Quinta Real. It's a 5 star hotel... better than the INTERCONTINENTAL.. and it's usually where our family stays while we're in Guatemala. For most of the day, I was at my dad's office building in downtown Guatemala fooling around on the internet. Yes! Finally a place where I can go and communicate with my people. yea... well... around 7:30ish, we went to the famous steakhouse called El Portal de Angel and I ate a lot. Well... busy busy Friday today. This is where the mellow part of the trip begins. 10 days down, 2 more to go.

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