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We land in Frankfurt and obviously it's now the 25th.  We look on the board for our new gate...hmmm, scroll, scroll, flights to Venice.  We find an information guy and there are two women in front of us inquiring about the same flight.  Now, if you have ever been to Frankfurt, we had to go from the end of concourse C to the end of concourse A.  It was quite a hike and I thought it was a fluke that last time I was in the airport that there seemed to be no air....nope, apparently not.  We walk with these two women who turn out to be on our cruise too - come to find out, they have no seat assignments either!  Their travel agent said the same thing ours did.  Hmmm...maybe there was some truth as my husband points out I always overreact and think the worst, I'm not really cursed like I've always thought....blah blah blah. 

After our two mile hike across concourses, we get to the gate assigned only to find out, sorry - gate change please go back to concourse C!  You have to be kidding me?!?!?  By this time, I am really sweating....I feel sorry for whoever is sitting next to me on the plane, if we ever get there!  Ok, an hour into this journey and we are back to where we started but there is no one from Lufthansa at the counter and it's all Al Italia people.  We wait in line behind the other women and the lady behind the counter won't even look up at them.  They stand there for a couple minutes when the customer service agent looks up and literally scowls at them.  She looks back down, types a bit and starts to walk away.  The one older lady says, "excuse me" which apparently was the wrong thing and this woman started YELLING.  Without even asking why we were there (we did want to ensure this was the right gate and that our flight would be posted shortly since it was scheduled to leave in 30 minutes), she screams out she works for  Al Italia and if we are there for Lufthansa, she can't help us with anything.  Yikes!!!!  We all back off and decide to go sit down for a bit.  A group of girls heard the lady and called us over to where they were standing.  They advised this agent has been yelling at anyone who came up and they were also waiting in line for Lufthansa.  We formed the line at the empty counter then and began to watch the antics. 

People began to walk up and time and time again, the Al Italia agents were actually hostile to anyone who approached.  While I understand they were probably irritated with Lufthansa and the situation, I am not sure it warranted yelling at people.  It was interesting to watch the dynamics of people who approached.  Some scoffed at the line and still dared to battle the agents, only to be met with the same fate.  Others heeded our advice and joined the line behind us.  The older ladies we had been talking to were so hot they were getting sick.  We held their place while they went to find water and splash their faces in the restroom. 

Finally a Lufthansa agent appears! YEAH!  By this time, there must be 100 people in line.  I feel incredibly sorry for her.  The group of girls in front of us are going to Venice for a wedding, one is the maid of honor.  They have no seat assignments either! They get up and guess what, turns out they are on standby....there was a glitch and this flight was grossly oversold.  The panic starts to set in when he reminds me Princess is responsible for getting us there, that's why we let the agent book it.  Ok, fine.  Our turn finally!  As we walk up to the counter, this woman shoves me out of the way and tries to cut in - thank heaven the Lufthansa rep saw and proceeds to tell her the line starts back there.  She claims to have been in front of us and the agent tells her she saw her walk up! :-)  Of course, I made sure to shoot her a nice sarcastic smile as she makes her way to the end.   Hee Hee.

By this time there are two agents there trying to help the massive backlog of passengers.  We hand her our tickets and told her we have no seat assignments.  She says we are on not even showing on this flight!!! WTF?!?!?!  The other agent says something to her in German and he says, no he has our tickets.  He prints out the boarding passes and we hurridly make our way to get in the boarding line now.  Unfortunately, the women behind us weren't on the passenger roster either.  They were going to try and get on the next flight a few hours later.  They asked if we could let their party know, just in case they don't get on the next flight.  I felt terrible but I really wanted to get to Venice as I beyond obsessing about my luggage at this point. 

We get on the flight and realize we don't have seats together. I could care less, just get me to Venice!  I am cranky, I stink (so much for claim Degree Woman works in sync with your body) and I just want to get this trip started.  Oh well, at least I have a window seat and air, it feels like there is air!  I am gazing out the window when I feel someone brush my arm as they sit down.  I turn to look over and am overwhelmed with the stench of major body odor.  Turns out the guy next to me and  his buddy in the row up front were flying to New York and had been flying since the night before.  I don't remember where their flight originated but I know their most recent layover was India and they said it was a long one.  We sit chatting for a bit and he tells me I am in his seat but it's ok.  No, no, I am in my seat.  We pull out our tickets and we have the exact same seat assignment.  Stay calm, Erin..double check again.  Nope, same seat assignment.  Ok, panic mode sets in.  I am not getting let on this flight after all and I will be stuck in Frankfurt by myself.  I am trying to get my husband's attention but he can't see me.  The guy tells me it's probably no big deal until someone comes to claim that seat.....which is now.  LOL.  The flight attendant comes over and takes both our tickets.  She returns and asks both of the gentlemen to follow her off the plane.  I get the seat?!?!  Yes, I get to stay in this seat!   Finally something in my favor! 

The flight attendant returns and apologizes - apparently there was some computer glitch with Luftansa's system and all seat assignments on all flights that day were wiped out.  All tickets had to be reissued and they had no record of who had what seat assignment, basically first come first serve.  Obviously that is how we ended up on the flight and likely should've been stuck waiting for a later one like the other stand by passengers!  Those guys who were on the flight from India obviously had their tickets issued at their originating location which is why we had the same seat assignment - I got that poor guy's seat!

Two new passengers come sit next to me and they smell much better (of course it means my stench is more pronounced) and turns out they are also doing a cruise but different cruise line.  They are from Canada as is most of the plane - apparently some award trip through the husband's company and there were several hundred people going on this trip.   Uh, are they hiring?!?!  :-)  Super nice couple, we talked the duration of the trip...realized how hard it is for me not to talk with my hands as I didn't want to raise my arm for fear of knocking them over with my b.o.! We laugh about my luggage snafu in Denver and next thing you know, we are over Venice and for the first time since we left Denver yesterday, I am finally excited!!!!

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