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We've arrived!!  Let the vacation begin.  Oh wait, yeah, the checked luggage. 

The Venice airport is rather small, only a couple baggage carousels.  We find ours and wait.  Oh look, here comes my ex's bag.  Oh look, here comes more luggage, more luggage, and finally, the conveyer belt is empty.  And then the sinking feeling, the flight number is removed from the board.  Ok, the rush of emotions hit and my eyes well up with tears.  I try to keep calm and not let anyone see I am crying. We stand there for a bit and I see the Canadian couple from the plane - they don't have their luggage either.  We turn for the service counter and am stunned with the line that has amassed.  There had to be several HUNDRED people in line.  Well, guess we aren't catching our bus just yet.  We wait for about 20 minutes and the line has not moved, not even one person. 

A representative appears for the Canadian group and tells them they have to go right now.  They are going to miss their boat all together.  Thank heaven our boat did not leave until the next day.  Turns out over half our plane was missing their luggage.  Those people were going to have to do the lost luggage report from the ship and the airline was going to waive the requirement it be done right at the airport.  With that the line dwindled from 200 to about 15.  YEAH!  An hour later it's finally our turn.  We fill out the report and she tells me the next flight should be arriving in an hour or so if we wanted to wait.  We opted to wait it out.  Unable to find anywhere to sit, we wandered around and I weeped a bit, doing a mental inventory of everything I was losing.  I didn't care so much about the 4 new pairs of shoes, the expensive formal dresses, or the over $300 in MAC cosmetics either.....but in my Coach make up bag was my Movado watch that I purchased with a matching one for him as a wedding present when we were in Cayman Islands.  I also realized much later that my Tiffany necklace was there too.  I realize it probably sounds stupid but it was my carry on luggage and I didn't bring a purse.  I had heard the horror stories about pick pockets and I brought a small card case on a key chain that I could clip to my pants/shorts and stick in my pocket. 

You know what the ex says to me?  "You are right, you are cursed."  Gee, only took him a couple years to finally agree with me! So, the new flight comes in and we repeat the whole process again.  This time he holds a place in the lost luggage line so we don't get stuck.  I run into one of the girls from the wedding party and her luggage doesn't show either.  She said the maid of honor was still in Frankfurt - she wasn't able to get on a flight until midnight!  They wouldn't switch them out so the maid of honor could get there on time.  Yikes!  Our turn again with the Lufthansa people and she suggested we go on to the ship and if it shows up, they will send it to wherever we are.  She advises that anything I purchase on the ship will be reimbursed.  Sweet...I guess.  Something tells me they don't sell curling irons and blow dryers on there. 

I say nothing on the ride to the ship and just sorta weep.  The only clothes I have for 18 days are the jeans, stinky shirt, and hiking shoes I was wearing.  No undergarments, no make up, no shoes, no bathing suits...nada.  By this time it's late evening and we are about 6 hours past our due in time.  I figure we will just deal with the clothing stuff the next day and we meet up with my in laws and gang and fill them in about all our excitement thus far. 

It's late and all I want to do is take a shower and go to bed since we missed any chance of riding the Grand Canal on the gondola as it was almost the last call to be back on the ship.  We get to the room and unpack (well at least he does) and low and behold - we remember I threw a couple things in his suitcase.  Uh, only two old t-shirts and actually one formal dress.  Great, I have a dress for the next night which is the first formal night but I have no shoes, make up, and certainly nothing to do my hair with - I don't even have a comb, let alone a curling iron!

I decided I was going to try and make the best of this since this was my dream vacation and I had two options - stay irritated by the fact I had absolutely nothing to wear or make the best of it and relax, I am getting a whole new wardrobe..or so I thought. 

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