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Vines at the winery

The day after the build we wasted no time.  We purchased plane tickets as soon as we landed in Durban 6 days ago and we would be flying to Cape Town.  The morning of our travel day in Durban we were able to call and make reservations at a hotel.  And that is how our trip would continue.  Nothing planned, just winging it from day to day whatever we felt like doing.  Travel to Cape Town as smooth and we got the smallest rental car possible.  Making for a tight squeeze with 4 people and luggege.  We also knew we had to get outside of Cape Town and we made our plans to visit a winary and spend the night at one in Stellenbosch.

Relaxing on the front of our cottege.
  We quickly learned that June in South Africa creates amazing deals for traveling.  I don't remember the price of this place but it was reasonable and beautiful.  When the sun would rise the next day we would look over the golf resort with rolling hills and up above our cottage was the rows of vines.  The scenery was amazing, and the complimentary bottle of wine was not bad either.

  However, it did happen to be a day they did not offer any tours of the winery so we left to go find a winary with tours.  And this we did.  Stopping at L'Avenir we got our tour, our tasting and met a nice group of Africans (each from a different country) who were on holiday making the most of it by touring free wine tastings.  And after talking with them we knew this was not their first stop.  This is where I met Gerald.

Gerald who studied in my home town.
  After the small talk explaining where we were from (near Chicago is what most people would recognize) Gerald asks me if I had ever heard of Janesville, WI.  My immediate response was to check an make sure I didn't have anything on that said Janesville, which I did not.  "Yes, my dad actually teaches at one of the High Schools there."

    "I was an exchange student and studied there."

     "Which one, Parker High School or Craig High School"


    We continued to talk to find out if he knew my dad or anyone else I know and it turned out I was able to travel across the world, meet someone who had pretty much lived in my home town and neither one of us was in our home country.  ( I think he was either from Zambia but my memory is failing me)  After talking a little while longer we parted ways as they continued their wine tasting tours, we headed back to Cape Town. 

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Vines at the winery
Vines at the winery
Relaxing on the front of our cotte…
Relaxing on the front of our cott…
Gerald who studied in my home town.
Gerald who studied in my home town.
Our cottege in Stellenbosch
Our cottege in Stellenbosch
One of the shanty towns along the …
One of the shanty towns along the…
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