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Mavis and I catched up with James and Nicky at Kowloon, Hong Kong

Welcome to Hong Kong AGAIN, James and Nicky!

Hearing from my friend Mavislau shared with me her 1st TB meetup with a Israeli guy few weeks ago, I am totally pumped up and longing to have my 1st TB meetup too!!!!!!

Got a message from James last week that he would be in HK on March the 6th for a few days and would like to hv a meetup with me. At first I a bit hestiated to meet him up becoz I've never had any random meeting with anyone before :P...But then I know Mavis also loves to meetup with TB and we decided to meet James together!  

Finally we've met James and his collegue Nicky yesterday night at the longue of the hotel they're staying in. Well...listed on the TB page that he's from Australia, but they told us that they're from Montenegro and living in Aussie ! emm...."Mon-te-ne-gro"????? I dont even heard about this country name in English before!!! But after knowing her nickname "Black Mountain" and we've got it! And now I know Montenegro is part of the former Yugoslavia. haha....I think I gonna learn the locations and the English names of different places in the world better~~:)

As a managing director of a company, I really cant tell James is only a twenty-seven-year-old young guy! I enjoyed knowing more about his and his collegue's backgrounds and their purpose to be here in HK.  They come here AGAIN for a business trip. I said AGAIN becoz it's the 12th times that James and the 3rd times that his collegue have been here!~wow!

In this 2-hr short meetup, we shared from each one's work to traveling experiences, from comparing hotels in HK to airlines we love or hate, from families to even philosophy. How nice to get new insights through communications with ppl from different places !!!

I know James will leave tmr and will come to Hong Kong again next week and in August soon! I'm leaving HK soon next Tuesday to UK, so look forward to seeing him again in August!

Do I hv chance to meet any TB while in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Stockholm or Dubai??? Dear TB, check out my travel schedule now and find me if you'd love a TB meetup too! Will see!


dicksiem says:
Nice blog Agnes!!
Posted on: Apr 01, 2008
bokeljski_djetic says:
What a beautiful travel Blog :)
Posted on: Mar 08, 2008
mavislau says:
Here we go, Agnes!
Posted on: Mar 08, 2008
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Mavis and I catched up with James …
Mavis and I catched up with James…