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Catching some ZZZs at the airport.

So I actually booked this cruise mid-January.  So after the cruise, insurance, transportation, and flight it came up to a little over $2000.00.  I booked on Priceline.  I was going to ask someone to come along so we could split the cabin.  But with 4 people you have to get a bigger cabin and I would have saved just $100.  So I decided to just have the 2 of us.  I received everything from Priceline but booked it separately.  The flight is cheaper that way.  Basically everyone will have the same rate for the actual cruise.  Do look for bonuses like onboard credit.  Where you can save is on  the flight.  Boarding of the ship starts around 11AM so go for the redeye.  My son took a little nap at the airport waiting for our ride.

Goofy pool is too small!
  I sprung for the Disney transportation because I thought it would be nice to have the total Disney experience.  It really wasn't the big of a deal.  The only pro was that the cruise took care of our luggage and I didn't hav eto worry about it.  I would check to see if you can get transportation to and from the airport for cheaper than $70.00 per person.

  I got a lot of run around regarding documentation.  I knew that I needed ID and birth certificates.  My son doesn't have my last name so a Priceline agent told me I needed a notarized letter stating that his father agreed to taking him out of the country and to the Bahamas.  But then two different travel agents said that I did not need the letter.

If you don't need a big cake just bring your own decor.
  I then called the US Travel Board and the rep told me to get the letter just in case.  Thankfully, he gave me the letter without any issues.  I also brought the court orders stating that I have full physical custody.  Then it turned out the the Disney agent didn't even ask for it.  Oh well, better safe then sorry.  I'm not even sure if the agent was just slacking by not asking for my paperwork.  Other than that the check-in was totally organized and painless.  I would bring a lot of snacks and drinks.  There's not a lot of selection during this time and little snacks are overpriced.  But as soon as you get on the ship they feed you.  Take your time when boarding and ask someone behind you to snap your pic.  There's all kinds of pro photographers taking your pic but it's $10-20 a pop.

I reserved the smallest Stateroom which is 184 sq. feet.  I had 1 queen sized bed and the couch turned into a twin.  It actually wasn't that bad considering I'm totally claustrophobic.  I think it's perfect for one adult and one child.  2 adults and one child may want a bigger room.  Hopefully your kid isn't picky because the bed/couch is pretty hard.  Don't bother packing the hairdryer or flat iron.  The outlets can't handle anything more than an electric shaver.  The dryer in the room also sucks.  So for dress up night book the salon for a blowout and wear hair wraps inbetween.  All you can hope to fit in the fridge is water so bring a water bottle.  There're free drinks by the Mickey pool and the cruise's Evian is pricey. 

While I unpacked I dropped my son off at the Oceaneer's Lab.  He thought it was okay.  He really only liked it when they had specific activities set.  He found the free time boring even though they had all kinds of video games and computers.  He didn't even make friends which is weird cause he's super social.  He did meet someone from Canada, there were a lot of Canadians.  He also rated the Youth Counselors an "excellent" on the comment card.  We went to the Studio Sea, which holds "game shows".  We were the "Green Goofys" and were labeled as such for the rest of the cruise.  We lost but it was fun.

dannyrock4 says:
Which Disney Ship did you go on?
Posted on: Oct 07, 2012
bkretzer says:
I can't wait to read the rest of the story!
Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
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Catching some ZZZs at the airport.
Catching some ZZZs at the airport.
Goofy pool is too small!
Goofy pool is too small!
If you dont need a big cake just …
If you don't need a big cake just…
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