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The ride

Cairo traffic is possibly the worst in the world. I’ve heard India is supposed to be bad as well, but I have never been there, but what I regarded previously as the most endearing traffic experiences in my life (Mexico City and Damascus) seemed a breeze compared to Cairo.

Four lanes of road means eight lanes of traffic, and right of way is given to the car with the loudest horn or the brightest headlights. Cars, and especially taxis, will wriggle themselves into the narrowest of spaces in between cars, many of them folding in their wing mirrors to make the car narrower.

Road rules are mainly heard of in jokes and a car without dents or scratches is such a rare sight people call it a myth.


So imagine speeding through that traffic in a nitrous powered highly tuned Subaru Impreza.

not your typical Cairo taxi
One of my colleagues of the Cairo branch of my company is a car freak and has bought and tuned it in true ‘Fast and the Furious style’and he had kindly offered to give me a lift to the restaurant where we would have dinner with the whole team tonight. Dinner at the other end of the city town, I might add.


After spending little time bumper to bumper in a traffic jam my colleague decided it was time to show me what his vehicle could do, by stepping on the gas and speeding up to 150 kilometres in rush hour traffic! We were overtaking cars left right and centre, but it was pretty clear to me the guy knew what he was doing. He certainly can drive. And the car, wosh, it's definitely a fine car. However, would other people in the streets know this? What about that guy crossing the road? Or that one with the bicycle? We missed them by just a couple of inches.


It was a scary but in a guilty sort of way very exciting at the same time. I bet not many tourists have had this experience in Cairo. :-)

montecarlostar says:
Wow, this must have been exciting!
Posted on: Apr 15, 2009
cvanzoen says:
I'm not much into rollercoaster but this must have felt like being in one!
Posted on: Nov 18, 2008
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The ride
The ride
not your typical Cairo taxi
not your typical Cairo taxi
the interior was quite nice, I mus…
the interior was quite nice, I mu…
photo by: vulindlela