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The trials, tribulations and triumphs of six months on the road. Thanks for your smiles, comments and messages -- keep them coming!

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January 21st, 2008Chicago, Illinois
February 5th, 2008Chicago, Illinois
February 22nd, 2008Chicago, Illinois
March 17th, 2008Chicago, Illinois
March 22nd, 2008Chicago, Illinois
March 26th, 2008Chicago, Illinois
March 28th, 2008Osaka, Japan
March 29th, 2008Osaka, Japan
March 30th, 2008Osaka, Japan
March 31st, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 1st, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 2nd, 2008Kyoto, Japan
April 3rd, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 4th, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 5th, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 5th, 2008Kyoto, Japan
April 6th, 2008Nara, Japan
April 7th, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 7th, 2008Nara, Japan
April 8th, 2008Kobe, Japan
April 8th, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 9th, 2008Koyasan, Japan
April 9th, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 10th, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 11th, 2008Osaka, Japan
April 11th, 2008Seoul, South Korea
April 12th, 2008Seoul, South Korea
April 13th, 2008Seoul, South Korea
April 14th, 2008Beijing, China
April 15th, 2008Beijing, China
April 16th, 2008Beijing, China
April 17th, 2008Beijing, China
April 18th, 2008Beijing, China
April 19th, 2008Malanguan, China
April 20th, 2008Beijing, China
April 21st, 2008Beijing, China
April 22nd, 2008Beijing, China
April 23rd, 2008Huang Hua Great Wall, China
April 23rd, 2008Beijing, China
April 24th, 2008Xi'an, China
April 25th, 2008Beijing, China
April 26th, 2008Beijing, China
April 27th, 2008Beijing, China
April 28th, 2008Beijing, China
April 28th, 2008Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 29th, 2008Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 30th, 2008Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 1st, 2008Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 1st, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 2nd, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 3rd, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 4th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 5th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 6th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 7th, 2008Phang Nga, Thailand
May 7th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 8th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 9th, 2008Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
May 10th, 2008Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
May 11th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 12th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 13th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 14th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 14th, 2008Phang Nga, Thailand
May 15th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 16th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
May 16th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
May 16th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 17th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 18th, 2008Mae Taeng, Thailand
May 19th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 20th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 21st, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 22nd, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 22nd, 2008Luang Prabang, Laos
May 23rd, 2008Luang Prabang, Laos
May 24th, 2008Luang Prabang, Laos
May 25th, 2008Luang Prabang, Laos
May 26th, 2008Luang Prabang, Laos
May 26th, 2008Siem Reap, Cambodia
May 27th, 2008Siem Reap, Cambodia
May 28th, 2008Siem Reap, Cambodia
May 29th, 2008Siem Reap, Cambodia
May 29th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
May 30th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
May 31st, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
June 1st, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
June 1st, 2008Kolkata, India
June 1st, 2008West Bengal, India
June 2nd, 2008West Bengal, India
June 2nd, 2008Sikkim, India
June 3rd, 2008Sikkim, India
June 4th, 2008Sikkim, India
June 5th, 2008Sikkim, India
June 6th, 2008Gangtok, India
June 7th, 2008Darjeeling, India
June 8th, 2008Darjeeling, India
June 9th, 2008Darjeeling, India
June 9th, 2008Siliguri, India
June 10th, 2008Siliguri, India
June 10th, 2008New Delhi, India
June 11th, 2008Agra, India
June 12th, 2008Agra, India
June 13th, 2008Agra, India
June 13th, 2008Dubai, United Arab Emirates
June 14th, 2008Dubai, United Arab Emirates
June 15th, 2008Dubai, United Arab Emirates
June 16th, 2008Dubai, United Arab Emirates
June 17th, 2008Dubai, United Arab Emirates
June 17th, 2008Manama, Bahrain
June 17th, 2008Amman, Jordan
June 18th, 2008Amman, Jordan
June 19th, 2008Amman, Jordan
June 20th, 2008Jordan
June 21st, 2008Jerash, Jordan
June 22nd, 2008Amman, Jordan
June 23rd, 2008Amman, Jordan
June 24th, 2008Jordan
June 25th, 2008Petra, Jordan
June 25th, 2008Aqaba, Jordan
June 26th, 2008Aqaba, Jordan
June 27th, 2008Tel Aviv, Israel
June 28th, 2008Tel Aviv, Israel
June 29th, 2008Tel Aviv, Israel
June 30th, 2008Konya, Turkey
July 1st, 2008Konya, Turkey
July 1st, 2008Cappadocia, Turkey
July 1st, 2008Uchisar, Turkey
July 2nd, 2008Cappadocia, Turkey
July 3rd, 2008Cappadocia, Turkey
July 4th, 2008Cappadocia, Turkey
July 5th, 2008Cappadocia, Turkey
July 5th, 2008Adiyaman, Turkey
July 6th, 2008Adiyaman, Turkey
July 7th, 2008Adiyaman, Turkey
July 7th, 2008Sanliurfa, Turkey
July 8th, 2008Sanliurfa, Turkey
July 8th, 2008Gaziantep, Turkey
July 9th, 2008Gaziantep, Turkey
July 10th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 11th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 12th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 13th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 14th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 15th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 16th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 17th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 18th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 19th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 19th, 2008Izmir, Turkey
July 19th, 2008Selcuk, Turkey
July 19th, 2008Sirince, Turkey
July 20th, 2008Selcuk, Turkey
July 20th, 2008Priene, Turkey
July 20th, 2008Miletus, Turkey
July 20th, 2008Didyma, Turkey
July 20th, 2008Altinkum, Turkey
July 20th, 2008Pamukkale, Turkey
July 21st, 2008Pamukkale, Turkey
July 21st, 2008Tavas, Turkey
July 21st, 2008Koycegiz, Turkey
July 21st, 2008Dalyan, Turkey
July 22nd, 2008Dalyan, Turkey
July 23rd, 2008Kalkan, Turkey
July 23rd, 2008Patara, Turkey
July 23rd, 2008Kas, Turkey
July 24th, 2008Kas, Turkey
July 25th, 2008Kas, Turkey
July 25th, 2008Kekova, Turkey
July 25th, 2008Olympos, Turkey
July 25th, 2008Antalya, Turkey
July 26th, 2008Antalya, Turkey
July 27th, 2008Antalya, Turkey
July 28th, 2008Antalya, Turkey
July 29th, 2008Antalya, Turkey
July 30th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
July 30th, 2008Bucharest, Romania
July 31st, 2008Transylvania, Romania
August 1st, 2008Transylvania, Romania
August 2nd, 2008Transylvania, Romania
August 3rd, 2008Transylvania, Romania
August 4th, 2008Transylvania, Romania
August 5th, 2008Bucharest, Romania
August 5th, 2008Budapest, Hungary
August 6th, 2008Budapest, Hungary
August 7th, 2008Budapest, Hungary
August 8th, 2008Budapest, Hungary
August 9th, 2008Budapest, Hungary
August 9th, 2008Zagreb, Croatia
August 9th, 2008Ljubljana, Slovenia
August 10th, 2008Slovenia
August 11th, 2008Ljubljana, Slovenia
August 11th, 2008Trieste, Italy
August 11th, 2008Opatija, Croatia
August 12th, 2008Opatija, Croatia
August 13th, 2008Motovun, Croatia
August 14th, 2008Dalmatia, Croatia
August 15th, 2008Dalmatia, Croatia
August 16th, 2008Split, Croatia
August 16th, 2008Cavtat, Croatia
August 17th, 2008Dubrovnik, Croatia
August 18th, 2008Dubrovnik, Croatia
August 19th, 2008Montenegro
August 20th, 2008Dubrovnik, Croatia
August 21st, 2008Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
August 22nd, 2008Dubrovnik, Croatia
August 23rd, 2008Prague, Czech Republic
August 24th, 2008Prague, Czech Republic
August 25th, 2008Prague, Czech Republic
August 26th, 2008Prague, Czech Republic
August 27th, 2008Prague, Czech Republic
August 28th, 2008Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
August 29th, 2008London, England
August 30th, 2008London, England
August 31st, 2008London, England
September 1st, 2008Frankfurt am Main, Germany
September 1st, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 2nd, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 3rd, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 4th, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 5th, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 6th, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 7th, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 8th, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 8th, 2008Peninsula Valdes, Argentina
September 9th, 2008Peninsula Valdes, Argentina
September 10th, 2008Peninsula Valdes, Argentina
September 11th, 2008Peninsula Valdes, Argentina
September 12th, 2008Montevideo, Uruguay
September 13th, 2008Montevideo, Uruguay
September 14th, 2008Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
September 15th, 2008Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
September 16th, 2008Montevideo, Uruguay
September 17th, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 17th, 2008Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
September 18th, 2008Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
September 19th, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 20th, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 20th, 2008Lima, Peru
September 20th, 2008Quito, Ecuador
September 21st, 2008Quito, Ecuador
September 21st, 2008Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
September 22nd, 2008Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
September 23rd, 2008Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
September 24th, 2008Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
September 25th, 2008Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
September 26th, 2008Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
September 27th, 2008Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
September 27th, 2008Quito, Ecuador
September 28th, 2008Miami, Florida
September 29th, 2008Minneapolis, Minnesota