We made it to Argentina :^) Our luggage did not :^(

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View from our window.

This was a very, loooong travel day, spent getting from Europe to South America.  

We got up at 4am to catch an express bus to Heathrow. Our flight was delayed by almost 2 hours, so we landed in Frankfort at 10:20, EXACTLY the time our flight to Buenos Aires was supposed to take off! Stress!!!!! We RAN across the airport to catch our flight, against all hope… and found that they had actually held the plane for us. Whew! This was a very good thing, since the next flight wasn’t for two days.  

The flight to Buenos Aires was 13.5 hours. I am pretty sure this is the longest flight I have ever been on, although I guess it must have taken me about that long to get to Africa. We were in Business Class with the nice fold down seats, but I wasn’t very impressed with the service or the food.
Steve seems to be in a pretty good mood for someone filling out a LOST LUGGAGE report!
It was OK, but certainly nothing special. I watched three movies, did some blog writing, and took a nap. 13.5 hours is a really long time!

We suspected our luggage had not made the flight, since they closed the door right behind us and took off soon after. Sure enough. The lost luggage counter had already filled out the paperwork, and we really appreciated their efficiency. Then they gave us “hygiene kits” (shampoo, t-shirts, razors, lotion, etc) and 600 pesos ($200) to replace our necessities. Nice! Our luggage will be delivered Wednesday night. It is now Monday night. Not nice! Damn.

We took a taxi to our apartment in the Recoleta district of downtown Buenos Aires. The landlord, Max, was waiting for us for an orientation. After 20 hours of travel, I just wanted to go to bed! I was still on London time (2am) although the time here is 5 hours earlier (9pm).

Our apartment is small but cute, seems to be a popular neighborhood, and…

cmgervais says:
Yes, it was Lufthansa. I was surprised it was not better...I had a good experience with them in the past.
Posted on: Sep 04, 2008
Aquedita says:
Did you take Lufthansa? I am surpised you didn't like the service and food, I was ok with mine when on the flight to and from Japan.
A shame your luggage didn't make it, never had that experience but I hope things will only get better from now on.
Posted on: Sep 04, 2008
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View from our window.
View from our window.
Steve seems to be in a pretty good…
Steve seems to be in a pretty goo…
Sunset in Argentina.
Sunset in Argentina.