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Burj Al Arab. Rooms start at about $2400/night…make your reservation now!
Over the course of last evening, I do believe that aliens attempted to invade my body. I have no other explanation for the goings-on in there.  So without getting too detailed I will say that I had a terrible night, during which I became a little too well acquainted with our lovely bathroom. Ugh.

The smart choice for the day would have been to stay in, rest, and replenish some fluids. But I felt determined to go out since we have so little time here, and there are several things I want to see. So Steve and I climbed aboard the hotel’s 9:30am shuttle to Jumeirah Beach Park, where we arrived about 30 minutes later.

Even with a cooling breeze, it was just too hot to stick around the beach for very long. After taking a quick look around the beach, where cameras were not allowed, and the adjacent park area (palm trees, grass, and more sand) we hopped in a cab.
Jumeirah Palm - a man made island in Dubai. (Photo from Google Maps).

We then made a quick stop at Dubai’s famous landmark, the world’s only 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab. We couldn’t get very close, due to a pesky security gate. I had to photograph it from outside, and noticed several other tourists doing “drive-by shootings” as well.  

Then the driver took us part way out on the man-made palm-shaped islands of the Jumeirah Palm. This was his idea, not ours. “This was all sea! Looking! Looking!” he kept saying while he was pointing the many rows of condo buildings. I think it’s something best viewed from the air, so I am including a cool aerial view from Google Maps.

Finally we landed at the Mall of the Emirates, the home of  Ski Dubai -- yes, Dubai even has downhill skiing, with REAL snow! The ski-slope-shaped building was impressively enormous from the outside.
Ski Dubai! (Photo borrowed from
From the inside, it was hard to see the actual runs without buying a lift ticket, and unfortunately I wasn’t just not up for skiing. It was very cool though, so to speak.

Steve wanted to eat at this point, but I didn’t even want to be in the proximity of food (the aliens don’t like food), so I got a pampering pedicure while he had lunch.

Then I felt sick again and wanted to go back to the hotel. I spent the rest of the day sleeping, reading, and watching television. Steve, going stir crazy, made a trip to the Ibn Battuta Mall, which he claimed was the “coolest shopping mall” he has ever visited. He even found a pair of Teva sandals, at long last.

So here I am in Dubai, watching Law & Order and Without a Trace reruns. Oh well, at least there were some Arabic subtitles for an exotic touch and to remind me where I am :^)  

lrecht says:
Skiing ALWAYS makes me feel better - maybe you should go try the slopes! Hope you are all better by now...
Posted on: Jun 18, 2008
X_Drive says:
Do feel better soon. It sure isn't fun to be ill on a big trip. I had a week of illness on our recent one.
I also wish I was young enough to ski in that building. :)
Posted on: Jun 17, 2008
cmgervais says:
Thanks guys. I have been pretty lucky so far... I guess I was due for a little traveler's sickness!
Posted on: Jun 17, 2008
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Burj Al Arab. Rooms start at about…
Burj Al Arab. Rooms start at abou…
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Jumeirah Palm as seen from the ro…
Starbucks break.
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Steve in the endless Teva search.
Steve in the endless Teva search.
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