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Typical view during a drive through Romania.

We drove from Brasov to Bucharest to catch our flight today and it was pretty much like every drive has been in Romania : slow and frustrating! I  love driving, but I absolutely hate driving here. Tip: take a train instead.

This time we had a special treat of being forced onto the shoulder of the road by a crazed truck driver. Seriously! This is what happened: We were parked at one of the interminable construction stops, just waiting for the guy to flip his paddle to green so we could have our turn on the road. When we started going again, I zipped the wee Spark partially in front of the enormous truck I was next to, because the lanes were narrowing from two to one. He didn't like that move one bit! I guess he didn't want to get beat out by a car the size of a tissue box, so he blasted his horn (loud!) and floored it, edging his rig forward until he had eventually closed the gap between his bumper and that of the car in front of him.
I love you Chupa Chups, but you are SO not worth $2.30.
That meant there was no longer room on the road for the Spark, and I was bouncing along on the soft shoulder! Such a dangerous move, all to block a car the size of his wheel. Dick! I sure hope karma bit him on the ass later. I bet it did, because life is always fair. 

Despite our delays, we were early to the airport as usual. We had some Romania Lei to burn, so I bought two sodas (about $4.50 each!) and grabbed a Chupa Chups pop to use up the last couple lei. In case you are not familiar with the Chupa Chups, it's a delightfully delicious lolly the size of a large grape. But the price was five lei -- about $2.30. WTF, are you crazy? These things sell for about 25 cents in the rest of the world and you are telling me they are all of a sudden worth ten times that?

Oh boy. So today's the day I got run off the road and couldn't afford a lollipop. Bu-bye Romania.

fr3yam says:
Lesson learned: NEVER buy anything at the airport or train station, they'll charge you up to 10 times the price!!!!!!!
Posted on: Jun 24, 2009
fr3yam says:
Tip: do NOT take a train, only if it's an InterCity, going under the name of "Sageata Albastra" (The Blue Arrow), or else you would wish to be stuck in traffic, but in your car, in front of the steering-wheel :p
Posted on: Jun 24, 2009
worldcitizen says:
I actually have never driven in the LA area! But maybe driving up and down the hilly streets of SF has prepared me for world driving ;)
Posted on: Aug 08, 2008
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Typical view during a drive throug…
Typical view during a drive throu…
I love you Chupa Chups, but you ar…
I love you Chupa Chups, but you a…
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First they get out of their cars.…
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On our way to Budapest!
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