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Crusty bread, delivered to our doorstep.
Maybe most people race to the Blue Mosque and Topkapi on their first day in Istanbul. Not us. We stay in and do laundry.

I woke up in the morning like a kid at Christmas. We left a lira in a plastic bag hanging on our doorknob overnight. As if by magic, a warm loaf of crusty bread appeared in the bag, and the lira disappeared. Santa never left me such a tasty treat!  

After enjoying some bread, I went out searching for food and water. I came back with some fresh fruit, in shock about the prices. Pretty spendy when compared to Eastern Turkey. I mean, crazy expensive. $3.00 for a cup of tea? It’s 80 cents in Gaziantep. Maybe it’s just our neighborhood.  

We spent the morning enjoying our sunny home, doing loads of laundry, and searching online for a nearby supermarket.
Yes, they taste that good.
It seems there are none. We finally jumped in a cab and headed to a supermarket called Migros. Turns out we could have probably gone there on foot -- it was far, but would have been a nice walk.

Migros was a disappointment. Wilted vegetables, and sparse dry goods. No peanut butter! We stocked up as best we could and took a cab back to the apartment. Then I went back out to spend another $20 at the fruit stand. He just made up the price on the fly, and I am sure I got a penalty for not being local, despite the fact I am doing pretty well with my Turkish. (I know about four words :^)

After a day spent on the mundane, we got the shopping bug. The largest mall in Europe is not too far from our apartment. I set off with no small goal: to replace everything in my backpack! I am so sick of my clothes and shoes.
Istanbul fashions. Much better than in Eastern Turkey. And, 50% off!

The mall was not as large as I had expected, and it was really full of shoppers excitedly digging through the many sale bins. I wasn’t able to get through my shopping list, but I did find three tops (about $8 each --  all on sale!). Steve found some pants and one top... look for his new white polo in upcoming photos. Frankly I will be delighted to see him in something other than that green shirt!

We had dinner at the mall -- a salad for me and a quesadilla for Steve (about $18 including water), then we went shopping at the big, new Migros supermarket located there. Much better than our neighborhood store. Peanut butter was $8. Dang!

It was 10:30 by the time we got home. Our day of domestic endeavors has ended, and tomorrow we will be tourists again.   

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Crusty bread, delivered to our doo…
Crusty bread, delivered to our do…
Yes, they taste that good.
Yes, they taste that good.
Istanbul fashions. Much better tha…
Istanbul fashions. Much better th…
Morning traffic.
Morning traffic.
Cevahir mall.
Cevahir mall.
photo by: Memo