Saying Sayonara* to Japan.

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Blog, blog, blog. (Wow, what a mess our room has become!)
Kind of early in the trip for this, but I am experiencing a little "blog burnout." Today I vow not to ramble. This will be a short one. Really. In fact, I am even going to do bullet points.
  • MORNING: up at 6:45 and parked myself at the computer. Blog, blog, blog.  It's like a job! :^) Steve focused on his obsession: tryng to download free TV from the US.  There is some block on doing this, so he is VPN-ing this and hacking that, but to no avail.
  • MID MORNING BREAK: Walked through Osaka, maybe for the last time as we leave tomorrow. Feel oddly sentimental , though it's been our "home" for only two weeks. Steve stopped at a music store, lonely for his mandolin.
    Shoes as far as the eye can see...Daimura department store.
    I went to Daimura department store -- Prada! Channel! Ferragamo! I escaped with my pocketbook unscathed. 
  • Then I went to underground shopping area Namba Walk to find a manicure. I thought I was getting a great deal at $10, but it ended up being a polish change, not a manicure. The ladies all around me had long acrylic nails covered in glitter and sequins.. I felt slightly underdressed in pale pink. The lady next to me was undergoing Glitter Removal Operations, a complex procedure involving... WHOOPS! There I go with too much detail again. Move along, Charlene.
  • AFTERNOON: Back to the room at 2 for a late lunch (finished off our broccoli supply), then back to the computer for more writing.
  • 4 PM : To the Indian Consulate to pick up the passports and our shiny new visas. Despite my fears, it was all ready for us and went without a hitch. On the way back we found a new wine/sake shop and stopped in. There's a sake I have been searching for called Nigiri Zake - score! We got two small bottles. Unfortunately we can't take it with us...
  • Back to the computer.
  • EVENING: Round Two at Fugetsu for our last Okonomiyaki. Yum!
*Come to think of it, I don't think I heard one peron here use the word "Sayonara," ever. Why is that? 
reikunboy says:
I hope you enjoyed Osaka unfortunately we didn't get to meet up but will be following your blogs on the rest of your trip.
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
reikunboy says:
Sayonara is more formal speaking and used among people who are not going to see each other for a real long time, the more casual is (mata) which translates to see you later, see you soon
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
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Blog, blog, blog. 
(Wow, what a m…
Blog, blog, blog. (Wow, what a …
Shoes as far as the eye can see...…
Shoes as far as the eye can see..…
Finally found the elusive Nigiri Z…
Finally found the elusive Nigiri …
Nigiri Zake, cloudy and delicious.
Nigiri Zake, cloudy and delicious.
Fugetsu for okonomiyaki, Round Two.
Fugetsu for okonomiyaki, Round Two.
All done.
All done.
photo by: yasuyo