The Patagonian Whale Ballet.

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One whale peeks at us, while the other flips us the tail.

After just a few days in Patagonia, I have actually lost count of how many whales I’ve seen. All one must do is scan the waters -- chances are good there’s a whale or two out there. It’s incredible, and like no other place I’ve been.

Today we planned to see the whales up close, from a boat. I know from experience that this is unforgettable. Trips leave from Puerto Pirámides two or three times a day, and during the month of September, multiple whale sightings is pretty much a given. I was very excited for this trip.

After making the 1.5 hour drive to Puerto Pirámides we learned that no boats would be going out due to high winds, so our plans for whale watching were foiled. I wouldn’t have wanted to out in those conditions anyway… it was really, really windy.
Snap happy whale watcher.
It may have turned into a “swimming with the whales” adventure, which I am not up for at all!

So we set off towards Puerto Madryn, hoping to see some whales along the way. And did we ever! We pulled in to a couple turnoffs, and at both places we found multiple whales just off shore. They were playing or maybe they were dancing…I don’t know exactly, but it was fun to watch. They like to float sideways and wave their pectoral fin out of the water, or they peek their heads out of the water… looking at us?! We also saw two whales jumping out of the water in a sort of clumsy pas de deux. Fantastic!

We stood on the beach as long as we could, but the wind was wickedly cold.
Steve has a stare down with the whale.
My lens hood even got blown off my camera into the water! I let it go…there is no way I was going to get wet for it. We left, happy with all the whales we had seen, even though we didn’t get as up close and personal as we had hoped. I’ll definitely take that boat ride NEXT time I am in Patagonia.  

In Puerto Madryn, we were not able to get a good room and ended up in a terrible ashtray-smelling place. We parked our belongings and escaped the room to wander and have a look at the town. It’s bigger than we thought it would be, with lots of restaurants to choose from. We found a cute place for lunch, but unfortunately people were smoking despite the fact that the whole place was posted as non-smoking according to the law (I guess its one of those laws they all choose to ignore.) The lunch was OK though.

Later, we wrapped up our last day in Patagonia with a very nice dinner at a place called Margarita. (And yes, I did have one! OK, two.) I had creamy pumpkin soup and vegetable crepes -- heavy but wonderful. Steve had fish with vegetables, covered in a creamy sauce and very, very good (he reports). It was the best meal we’ve had in Patagonia, but then again we didn’t really come here for the food! We came for the whales. And seals. And penguins. And we were not disappointed, not in the least. Ooooh, I don’t want to leave!
cmgervais says:
It is absolutely amazing... I will definitely return to see more of it!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2008
tnamaste says:
My list of places to go keeps getting longer as I read your blog, but I think Patagonia just jumped to the top of the list. What an amazing place!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2008
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One whale peeks at us, while the o…
One whale peeks at us, while the …
Snap happy whale watcher.
Snap happy whale watcher.
Steve has a stare down with the wh…
Steve has a stare down with the w…
Hes waving at us!
He's waving at us!
Peeking out of the water.
Peeking out of the water.
The beach at our first stop.
The beach at our first stop.
The beach at our second stop.
The beach at our second stop.
Another peek.
Another peek.
See the wind?
See the wind?
A jumper! He jumped three times, w…
A jumper! He jumped three times, …
My lens hood blew off my camera! T…
My lens hood blew off my camera! …
Steves lunch, a hamburger of sort…
Steve's lunch, a hamburger of sor…
Smells like an ashtray and feels l…
Smells like an ashtray and feels …
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