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Baby Taj.
It was our last day in India, but our flight wasn’t until 6pm, so we decided to visit  another sight here in Agra. The official name is Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb, but because it has some similarities to the Taj Mahal (some say it was the inspiration), the locals just call it “Baby Taj.”

Being short of rupees, we took the hotel’s car $ervice so that we could put the expense on the hotel bill. On the way, there was the usual hodgepodge of commerce and chaos on the street. It was a 40-minute drive, and I saw at least three men peeing in the street. The sight doesn’t even phase me now, I am so used to it after two weeks in India. At least they weren’t defecating out in the open, which Steve and I both saw, independently, in Sikkim.
Intricate stonework at the baby Taj.
I won’t miss this when I leave India. (Well, actually, there is nothing here that I will miss.)

The Baby Taj is referred to a “jewel box” and it is easy to see why. Much smaller in scale than the Taj, it has even more beautiful detail and intricate marble inlay. Jahangir’s favorite wife Nur Jahan built this tomb for her father, who was also the Chief Minister. It was fairly small and it was hot out, so we stayed less than an hour, but it was a really nice visit.

On the way home I asked the driver to stop at McDonald’s (I hope this is not becoming a habit?) where I spent our last 130 rupees on a veggie burger, filet-o-fish, small fries, and baby cone. McDonald’s here in India is not only cheap, but they don’t serve beef, and have numerous veggie options.

Back at the hotel, we had to pack up, but still had time to kill.

Killing time at the hotel.
We caught up on the news in Darjeeling, where the strike has escalated into violence, and some tourists were  actually injured. There are still people trapped up there, and we feel very lucky we were able to get out so fast!

Against the advice of the concierge, we went early to the airport. We shouldn’t have. The airport was at a military base, the terminal was not air conditioned, and the seating was not exactly comfortable. It seemed we were the only passengers, until three other guys showed up right at boarding time. The carrier was Kingfisher, which bills itself as India’s only five-star airline. My experience with India’s star system has taught me to take such claims with a grain of salt, but this was indeed a really nice airline. The airplane was new and super clean, and they even served food on the 35-minute flight.

Today's new. We are so glad we got out!
  The shuttle bus that brought us from the plane to the terminal (in Delhi) was outfitted with comfy sofas and chairs! It was pretty nice.

We had three hours layover in Delhi, an hour of which was spent getting from the domestic terminal to the international terminal. While Steve checked out the Duty Free store, I went to the Air India lounge, which was dirty and smelled of cigarettes and mothballs. The Delhi airport is the crappiest major airport I have ever been in, and we were happy to finally leave it.

Out of India. Off to Dubai.

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Baby Taj.
Baby Taj.
Intricate stonework at the baby Ta…
Intricate stonework at the baby T…
Killing time at the hotel.
Killing time at the hotel.
Todays new. We are so glad we got…
Today's new. We are so glad we go…
Inside the baby Taj.
Inside the baby Taj.
Baby Taj, side building.
Baby Taj, side building.
Todays news.
Today's news.
We are the only ones checking in a…
We are the only ones checking in …
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