Looking for a place to sleep. Any bed will do. Please?

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Does this look like a $300 room to you? Sometimes you have to take what you can get :^(

And it's
STILL DAY SEVEN of the Beaches & Ruins Road Trip: ANTALYA.

After our long day that included two ruined cities, a boat ride, a marathon lunch, and a flat tire, we were a little late arriving to Antalya.

Pay attention to this tip, because it's a good one:

***Never, ever arrive late in the day to a popular holiday town in the middle of high season without a hotel reservation!***

I am sure you already know this. I knew it. We ALL know this. But for some stupid reason we did not call ahead to arrange a room in Antalya when we canceled our rooms in Olympos. And of course, in Antalya, everything was full. We drove across the city this way and that way, we stopped in to some places, called other places, and there was NOTHING.  "Do you have a room available?" (Laughing on the other end of the line) "Well, of course not!"

And so it went. On and on. It was late. It was dark. I was so tired of driving that sleeping in the car was starting to look like an acceptable option. Then, we finally found salvation in the form of a huge business hotel (it looked like the White House) near the airport, called IC Hotel. 190 Euros! ($300!) Our room smelled like smoke and our AC barely worked, but it didnt really matter, I was so happy just to have a bed.
stabber911 says:
Did he really laugh at you and said "Well, of course not!"???
Posted on: Dec 10, 2008
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Does this look like a $300 room to…
Does this look like a $300 room t…
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