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Need a taxi? Outside the market.

Today’s mission was to visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market, a place where 8,000 or 15,000 vendors (depending on if you believe Fodor’s or Lonely Planet) set up to sell their wares every Saturday and Sunday. You can buy everything from rubber bands to furniture to artwork to chickens.


We set off early but still didn’t manage to beat the heat. Our first stop was the post office to mail some items back home. It wasn’t that far, but we were both hot and sticky by the time we arrived. We sent our stuff, enjoyed their AC, and headed out in the heat again.  


The market is the northernmost stop on the Sky Train. The train was full of people headed to the same place, so when we got off we just followed the crowd. The sidewalk to the market was scattered with beggars.

Fruit at the Chatuchak Weekend Market.
It seemed that every one of them had some horrific disability or medical condition that required immediate medical care. It was hard to look at and served to further foul my flagging spirits.


The outer layer or ring of the market sells mainly clothing and shoes. Steve was looking for new Teva sandals, so it seemed we wouldn’t have to go far. We walked through stall after stall, but only found some bad knock-offs. It seemed that we would not find the shoes without covering a serious amount of ground. It was hot and humid with no chance of a respite, plus I had a queasy stomach.


So as I was walking along thinking about how much things sucked, Steve -- in a stunning role reversal -- said, “this is a really nice market!” Huh. So I took stock of my surroundings. The outer aisles were wide and clean. It wasn’t too crowded yet. No one was harassing us to buy things. The goods were varied. Hmmm, I guess it is a pretty nice market after all.

Food at the Chatuchak Weekend Market.


But in the end neither of us was in much of a shopping mode, so we decided to head back empty handed.


On the way home we stopped at the mall near our hotel so Steve could buy another Patagonia shirt at the outdoor store. We once again ate at the Irish pub (delicious salad for me, enormous soggy fish and chips for Steve) and pondered what to do next.


It was still fairly early in the day, but at this point there wasn’t much I wanted to do other than sit in a air-conditioned room and wait out my stay in Bangkok. I have seen enough men with their heads half burned off (yep: two, outside the market) to last my entire lifetime. I am done here.


So we went back to the hotel and Steve worked while I napped.

Welcome to my office!
When I awoke I got very busy, researching locations for onward travel. I reluctantly revamped our schedule to cut out most of the Middle East. (I learned from my new guidebook that we have picked the hottest, worst time to visit. So Egypt is scratched for now… we will just have to see the pyramids another time :^( . 


Still in hibernation mode, we finally strayed across the street to 7-eleven for some nuts (“dinner”). That’s about as much motivation I could work up.


Need to go to bed a little early, as our ride to the airport leaves at 6:30am. Then we are off to India and the Himalayas!


cmgervais says:
Oh, well then I am glad we did not spend any more time looking for "real" Tevas!
Posted on: Jun 05, 2008
stabber911 says:
You can not find brand good in JJ market. only knock off or original Thai .. BTW, look really comfortable office you have there :)
Posted on: Jun 04, 2008
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Need a taxi? Outside the market.
Need a taxi? Outside the market.
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Food at the Chatuchak Weekend Mar…
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Welcome to my office!
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