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I got up at 2am after three hours of uncomfortable tossing and turning. General muscle soreness and a stiff neck had joined my stomach pains to create maximum discomfort. And then I discovered a new surprise, a lovely addition to my mess: my arms, legs and chest were sprinkled liberally with…not really a rash… insect bites? No. Pustules? EW! Whatever they were, I was very unhappy to see them. Having recently been to India, my mind was very actively speculating on what awful affliction I may have acquired there. They had lots of leprosy-info signs up in India since it's still active there…could I have leprosy? Small pox? Measles? What is this?

I went back to bed for more tossing and turning, my imagination running way too wild.

In the morning I inquired about a doctor at the front desk. Literally within 30 minutes I was in my room being inspected by an elderly man in brown polyester pants (um, the doctor). He asked me questions, asked Steve questions, checked out my spots, and determined that this was probably an allergic reaction to something. We decided that maybe the hotel soap was the culprit. So the diagnosis is: skin allergy! Well, I like that. Much better than leprosy.

He also asked about my stomach problem, and inquired about the medications we had on hand. Well, this was Steve’s Moment of Glory. Steve pulled out his very comprehensively and thoughtfully stocked medicine kit and was able to procure everything the doctor ordered. The doctor was suitably impressed, and only had to write one prescription, for an anti-nausea medication, which I probably won’t fill. Then he took out a syringe and filled it with enough antihistamine to kill a horse. Really. I really hate drugs, and seem to be affected negatively by even the smallest amount … well, this was a large amount and it completely KNOCKED ME OUT. I spent the whole day in a vegetative state, sleeping… coma, whatever. I couldn’t even move, or form thoughts. Ugh. What a waste of a day.

Steve, bored out of his mind, decided to do a little shopping, and visited the Auto Museum. He took all of our cash and spent it all, too (which is why I am usually the Keeper of the Cash:^). He reported that it was a really cool museum, housing the late King Hussein’s car collection, but the whole afternoon was marred by communication issues with some cab drivers, which resulted in a big rip-off. Cabs are tough here. Which is why we are renting our own car and soon as I can find one… but its hard to do research when one is paralyzed in bed.

So finally at 4pm or maybe it was 5pm, I peeked my head out and decided I needed to do SOMETHING. So we took a short little walk to Haboob (our market), then had a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants in the hotel (Italian. I ordered pizza bit couldn’t eat it. Lunch tomorrow?)

Then? Well, back to bed. I am telling you, it was a really big dosage! Tomorrow has got to be a better day.  

stabber911 says:
Could it be dry and hot wind?
Posted on: Dec 04, 2008
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