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Back from whence we came.

I fell asleep at 10pm last night -- a good thing because we had such an early flight. But then I woke up again at 11:30pm (!) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Omph. I lay in bed for four hours and just worried about “stuff” … now that this trip is over am I going back to my old (terrible) sleeping habits? Great.

Finally at 3:30am Steve and I both got up to shower and finish packing, then our cab picked us up an hour later. I was so tired, and dragging, and full of mixed emotions. I felt sad to end the trip but excited to go home. With everything we did, I couldn’t help thinking “this is the LAST hotel check out,” and “this is our LAST cab ride,” etc. I watched Quito pass by the cab window and I know I have to come back here to see it right someday. Maybe I will do that on my way back to the Galapagos Islands :^)

Our flight was on American Airlines (“our LAST flight of the trip”), and the business class wasn’t so great. The seats didn’t fold all the way down and I needed SLEEP. It seemed like a domestic flight, especially since the flight was only 4.5 hours to Miami, where we would have an unbearable 8-hour layover before going on to Minneapolis for three days with Steve’s parents (and to pick up our dogs!).

We deboarded in Miami and the customs area seemed more bright and inviting than usual (despite all the gun-toting customs agents). Every step, every action felt so profound… coming home is a big deal! I wanted the customs agent to welcome us warmly! To comment on all those stamps and say, “WELL, you’ve certainly had an adventure, haven’t you?!” But there was no welcome home, the man was cranky and frowned at us, not caring what wonders we had seen over the past six months. He waved us along, and we walked through, back into our country. “Anticlimatic” said Steve. Yep.

We are home.    

stabber911 says:
Ok, I cheated.. I have not finished reading your blog yet but I turned page to the last page .. Just like a book ... I want to see happy ending first before continue...
Posted on: Dec 10, 2008
portia says:
my customs agent in SFO gave me a good welcome, and I wasn't even away that long! Welcome home... (I am catching up, been busy)
Posted on: Nov 08, 2008
LuckyMonkey says:
Well, I welcome you back and hats off to you for such an amazing adventure! Just reading this last blog entry I have mixed emotions. Hugs, Bella
Posted on: Nov 07, 2008
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Back from whence we came.
Back from whence we came.
photo by: ellieperla