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Still waiting for a report that Ciao Baby is ready for pickup at the mechanic's.  The batteries are all ready to be installed (Trojan T-105 coach batteries and Optima Yellowtop engine battery).  They were going to use the hydrolic levelers to lift the rig to check the brakes.

If CB is not ready by Weds, then we'll miss our Lazy Daze get-together beginning Thursday and that would be really sad.  The kids are really hoping too.  Ned is staying here to do taxes.  (blah!).

I got all my ordering done that was mentioned on the previous entry.

Got MD and dentist appointments scheduled for all of us.  Whew- relief!

Got passport pics taken and scheduled post office visit with Ned for Weds morning.  Will get the kids out of school as they have to be there in person too!  What a pain.  But we need to do it- to enter many countries you must have 6 months minimum left on the passports.  With 8/09 expirations on the kids' passports, that wouldn't cut it.  Turns out, our adult passports have 6 more years.  Hooray!

Thinking of getting a Passport Card for each of us too so we have a backup in Canada and Mexico if we lose our passport books.  I'm using the online wizard for filling in the form for both the passbook and passcard and printing them.  https://pptform.state.gov/Default.aspx

Ned's currently on the phone with Dell trying to fix Jazy's computer.  Fingers & toes crossed.  (Update:  Ned got it reformatted!  You had to remove all the "partitions" in order to reload the operating system- who knew?!)

Finished reading the facinating book "Midlife Mavericks:  Women reinventing their lives in Mexico" and loved it.  Fun to read about others' adventures.  Have SO MANY great books I need to read.  I just cannot decide which next! 

Hoping to be all finished with prep by the end of April so I can read and plan all of May, which is what I REALLY love to do.  Traveling without the prep is like flying without feathers on your wings- a lot of hard work!

Trying to piece together itineraries on separate private blogs:  June 1- Sept 15 (U.S., Artic & Alaska); Mexico & Central America (haven't started); China (March), and Europe (haven't started that one either). 

I got in a preliminary itinerary plan for China from the wonderful Lea at Lotus.  While I liked the basic plan, I need to explain that I want independent travel and need specific help with flights, in-country travel, hotels, and the visit to the orphanage.  I do not need guides or drivers (I'll get English translations to hotels to give to taxi drivers) or hotel meals included and can certainly get around.  We did so the first trip in 2000 without any prior experience, so I think we can handle it.  I'm working on our itinerary now for China so I can be more clear in what we need.  I don't want to waste her time planning things we don't want/need.

I just LOVE being able to put all my travel notes for each day on a blog!  Plus, having a way to copy and paste travel itineraries from others' notes into my daily notes is so terrific!  I can paste each UNESCO World Heritage Site on the correct itinerary day.  Love using the map to determine our travels - I just can't tell you how excited I am about that tool!!

Was happy to read the nice notes from TravBuddies congratulating me on a Writers Award.  They were very kind.  Not quite sure what it's for, but I think it has to do with posting 30 blogs.  But it was a thrill nevertheless!

Cell phone- new working phone arrived; bought car charger & wireless antenna.  The latter sounded familiar from my Lazy Daze list and for $10 I'll try it (as soon as I find it around here...)

Next Focus:  Passports, taxes, IRA's, Jazy's computer repair, buying Internet Aircard stuff from Alex at 3GStore, getting the kids up to speed on the K12 curriculum, getting Ciao Baby back from the mechanic (last estimate was $2000), and finishing Alaska itinerary enough to get Ned's flight booked. 

Also want to install SeeLevel gauges, the new converter, finish the blackout curtains, and mount the wired door intercom (now that thing is very cool!).  

I forgot my 2 little nephews' birthdays and feel terrible about that- will buy them a big present! 

When do we get to focus on fun things like buying the musical air horn for the top of Ciao Baby? 

Okay, cranking through.   Calgon, take me awwwwwaaayyyy!


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