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The drive from Whistler to Vancouver is only about 120 km.  However, the 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in the 2 cities.  What does that mean?  Road construction!  It is a curvy, hilly, 2-lane road most of the way that is being widened.  Let's just say that it was a whole new driving experience that was a bit surreal.  I was grateful that we'd stayed in Whistler last night because if we'd stayed south of it, I'd not have travelled back across that road to visit it.

As it was, Whistler was delightful and nearly identical, we thought, to Vail, Colorado.  Beautiful and grand lodges, pedestrian walking area of Whistler Village, a bright bubbly creek tumbling through town, and pots overflowing with profusions of flowers.  We found easy parking in a free lot just behind town, which was good because Whistler is really spread out over many miles.  We bought some t-shirts and jackets, enjoyed the village, and cruised out of town around noon.  I would love to return there with Ned and "resort" some later date.  They have all the fun activities and vacation services to keep a family happy- take your wallet with you when you go!

Our movie, "RV 2:  We're Living It!" will have plenty of RV park snafus with many assumptions and things not working, changing sites, and fun like that- won't give away all our material here.  Haha- you can thank me later.  :)  Suffice it to say that we have full hookup now and I'm happy.

We got lots of exercise walking - in the wrong direction - from the RV park to catch the bus (with map and compass in hand).  Well, we think it was the wrong direction- we've gotten directions tomorrow for a different try.  After walking about 3 miles, we cancelled that attempt to go into Chinatown and returned to our RV. 

Then we drove Ciao Baby up to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  Check that off the tourist list.  It is not a UNESCO site, trust me.  But it is 90 meters (270 feet) above a river and really swings when you walk on it- definitely an interesting experience.

Parago's Pizza for dinner- managed to find a spot for the RV.  Cities are rather vexing for driving the RV.  But tomorrow my plan is to drive to the Park Royal Mall nearby, park there, take the bus into downtown, and use the trolleys and skytrains there to explore Gastown and Chinatown.  I hope tomorrow we can meet up with a neighbor's son who lives out here if he has the time- I need to call him.  I always seem to have the best intentions and am the worst in actually meeting up with people. 

Hey that word "worst" reminds me of Lia's version of a song.  You know "Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done..."  Lia thought it was "Carry on my way worst son.  There'll be peace when you go gone..."  Haha!  It was hard to stop laughing over that one.

The kids are swimming in the pool and hot tub now.  It was a beautiful day and probably got to 80 degrees.  If tomorrow is as pretty as today, we'll have a good time exploring this big, vibrant, beautiful city.



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