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"I'll see you tomorrow!" the UPS guy quipped, delivering 2 packages today.  Haha.  Okay, so we're in buying mode to prepare for the trip.  In a few weeks it will be too late to order anything more online.

Travasak sleep sack- Twin size for me (I'm making my current Queen size into 2 twins for the girls).  I love, love, love my Travasak!  Washed it and I hand-stitched a "T" on the upper left, summer side corner.  ("Which side goes up?" delimma solved!)

Packtowels- 3 different kinds.  Of course the most plush, microfiber, quick-drying one is still drying in the kitchen!  The Ultralite Packtowel has long since dried and been put away, but it looks like it was made for Flat Stanley.  Or Daddy-on-a-Stick!  I ordered another kind of travel towel too.  Small size is great in the RV and in the wash, and their quick-drying ability helpful.

Camping World:  Extra water pump and sewer valves arrived- not exciting, but oh-so-helpful should we need them.

I won a QMaxx 12V air compressor on Ebay today- Hooray!   Lazy Daze friends highly recommend it for an affordable and small aid with tires, etc.  With my new Safety Seal Tire Kit, Good Sam's Emergency Road Service, and the air compressor, I should be all set, right?

Eternabond to seal the rig roof seams. 

Slimline Brita filter and an electric kettle (Amazon total $25 and free shipping).  These 2 little items are tremendous for fall-back options.  Drinking water can be purified with bleach and I'm hoping the Brita filter removes the taste.  The electric kettle can be powered by inverter, so I don't need my propane stove nor the generator to make my morning coffee.  I love it!  (Remember Rule #1:  "Do NOT provoke Mommy before she's had her coffee.")

Currently studying for purchase: foul weather gear, thumping sticks, folding bikes, and roll-up tables.

Also went through my checklists to see if critical items were getting accomplished, which they are (slowly).  Divided up the 4 trip segments with a list of things-to-do after each one.  Makes it a bit easier.

Kids' passports arrived today!! April 9th we applied for them.  Truthfully, I forgot to get the mail yesterday, so they may have come the 23rd or 24th.  Fantastic! 

Passcards are supposed to be manufactured beginning this summer.  I got notice of approval for my passcard and my birth certificate returned to me.

Spent yesterday creating a day-by-day itinerary for Alaska.  Looks good!  Ned is making flight arrangements for a week, flying into Anchorage.  We'll explore the Kenai Peninsula together- fun!

Still need to figure out internet access.  Got a helpful return email from a very nice man, Bill (who has a wonderful blog about their RV to Panama adventures ( ) but unfortunately he confirmed what Lazy Daze friend, Jonna in Mexico, said about satellite internet not working enough in the multiple countries to be worth the expense.  Apparently you have to choose between 5 satelites that cover different geographical regions and changing satellites is a complicated process.  So I'm back to looking at an AT&T aircard, or even a wifi amplifier, or using internet cafes or wifi in campgrounds, or just not doing the online part of the K12 homeschool program (or updating online as we're able).  Bill also gave me 2 sites to check for help, which I'll do.

Homeschooling materials- I ripped them all up.  That's right, I pulled all the student guides apart, labelled everything, and Ned will deliver segments as needed.  It was just TOO much to take in the rig, just overwhelming to look at it.  Much better now.  (I got that idea from the Worldtrek book.)  Charles' science supplies even came with 5 cups of sand!  I don't believe we'll be taking that.  I'll find the boy some sand!

I went to the 3rd Grade preview and the teachers asked if I'd reconsidered staying.  "No," I told them, "I thought I'd better learn what I'm responsible for teaching!"  :)  As we've been through the program twice, I've some idea.  How much more they learn in that great school beyond facts though - I'll try providing extra through experiences.

Rig- went to Ciao Baby and delivered some items.  Getting little things done to make it organized and nice for living.  Wrote a long list of little things to do.  Lost list.  Must find.  What a thrill of adventure just stepping into Ciao Baby!

Finished all kids' dental appts.  Hooray! 

Next week it is medical appts for us all.  Need to research CDC recs.

Emailed with a Mom who travels on the road with her 2 teenagers while husband is working at home.  She said that either they travelled without him for most of the time with him floating in and out, or they didn't travel at all.  They find it works great for them.  Very encouraging!  As I told a friend, if we find that it's not working and we're just miserable, we'll just come home.  I hope not, but the choice is ours, which is good.

I feel like the lights are green:  The RV is in good shape, the school materials are ready, the itinerary is planned, we're all healthy, and we're excited.  Life is good!





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