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I called Delores at Seabridge International (410.633.0550) again today regarding shipping our RV to Europe.  Here's what I learned:

Current quote for shipping Ciao Baby$3989.26 (going to a 1-leg shipping port:  see below.  My quote 5-6 months ago for the 2-leg shipping to Italy was $4500 ballpark).

Prices are expected to rise (in spite of gas prices falling) on Nov. 3 with new prices expected again Dec. 31st which will be valid through April 2009.  Delores said to call back in February for a new price for a March shipping, but I think January might be more prudent.  I don't want to miss my booking opportunity.

Mirrors are included in the total width, so if the arms are not folded-in (or removed and later reinstalled) than that width is incuded in the price.  Price is determined by total cubic feet.

They use several shipping carriers.

Ports leaving the U.S. are Baltimore and Jacksonville, FL, with most RV's shipping out of Baltimore.  The price is the same from either port.  No Galveston line goes to Europe on their carriers.

Destination Ports that require only one leg and are the same price include:

  • Liverpool or South Hampton, England
  • Zeebrugge, Belgium
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • Le Lavre, France
  • Bremerhaven, Germany

Shipping to Livorno, Italy is more expensive because it requires 2 legs to get it there.

No Portugal or Spain shipping destination ports were available with their carriers.

Shipping in a 10' high container would be more expensive than roll on-roll off (RO-RO) shipping.

Marine insurance through Lloyd's can be arranged directly though Seabridge International at a cost of 1.5% of the value of the vehicle.

In the meantime, I posted on several websites specializing in Motorhome Exchanges on other continents.  That would be a really cost-effective way to travel if it works out.  Special thanks to Al from the NW Lazy Daze group for that terrific idea!

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