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Kids love their home-schooling laptops!

Today I wrote a letter to the school- it's time to turn in the contract showing our year away.  I sure hope the kids get readmitted upon our return.  Can't let "what ifs" keep us from living though.

Am starting on this blog- I've signed up for 4 - but this one seems best.  I like the automatic Google map based on your location, unlimited free photos, the privacy option, and the ability to find travel partners or people to meet in the places you're visiting.  Learning as I go.

Ciao Baby is getting ready. Her interior yellow paint needs a little more touch up.  Might start the Ralph Lauren denim today on the cabinet fronts.

Blogging is weird- it's like a diary, but is so public!  Do I say what I really think?  Let's be real- it's like sharing personal info on the front of the newspaper.  I'll have to keep that in mind- be discrete!

All 4 Dell laptops arrived today!  I have bows on the kids' and their bags behind them.  Perhaps I can give them their laptops and call it even with the backlog in allowance $ that I owe them. 

Cancelling camp today.  I think the kids are fine with that for one year.  Charles seems most disappointed, but excited about a laptop.  It will save us 2 weeks travel time and over $2k.  Our deposit will fund an underprivileged child, which is nice.

Need to book Yellowstone.  It looks like 4th of July weekend.  I hope there's space.

Lots to do:

-Print our "Calling card":  to share our contact info with friends and family

-Watch K12 curriculum demo and decide if that is worthwhile for the kids.  All Jazy's JCS textbooks are ordered and some have arrived.  Charles has all Jazy's old 6th grade textbooks.  Need to make sure Lia's curriculum is appropriate for her.  This is a real opportunity for me to be hands on and I think I like it!

-Need to order the tech stuff still but got recs from my Lazy Daze (LD) group- Printer, scanner, internet air card, cell booster/amplifier, internet router, printer router, trucker's antenna

-Ciao Baby needs to be in tiptop mechanical shape- will schedule with mechanic.

-Need doctor, dentist, and vet appts. before we go.

-Hoping to find foster care for the dear dogs while we're gone.  Ned works long hours and I want them to be around kids, but it is too hard on them traveling all the time.  I have my eye on one particular relative, but need to wait for her house closing before I can bring up that "fenced backyard" again.  Perhaps flowers or candy would work?

-Travel books- have to be careful here because we don't have room for many, given all the school books.  Will likely access 90% of info on computers.  That will be awesome having internet access!  I really missed that last summer.  And the router will allow us to access internet online by multiple computers while rolling down the road!

Whew!  Makes me tired.  I think I'll run eat something.

sylviandavid says:
sounds like you will be quite busy!
Posted on: Mar 18, 2008
Lazy_Daze_Ken says:

On the life with LD RV yahoo group, I remember reading when you wanted an LD. You got one a lot faster than many people on the forum, traveled in it and made lots of improvements inside with your own creative touch. You are a person who really gets things done!

You might enjoy reading the account of Susan Smith who took her four children out of school for 1 year and visited all 50 states. (48 in an RV, Alaska in a minivan I think, and of course flew to Hawaii)

On her trip, her husband took off work and did most of the driving. That gave her more time for being with the children, home schooling, preparing meals, researching places to visit, and writing her book. She is a very upbeat writer and a positive person.
Your children are all old enough that they will remember the trip. In Susan Smith trip, one daughter was too young to really understand the trip and the places that they visited.
Posted on: Mar 13, 2008
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Kids love their home-schooling lap…
Kids love their home-schooling la…