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It took me a long time to determine that a motorhome is the *perfect* travel tool for me.  But once I realized it, the travel world opened up!  Here's why:

All-Inclusive:  We can comfortably take the whole family, including the dogs.  Most campgrounds and all State Parks (as far as I know) allow pets. 

Relationships improve:  Spend some time away from the distractions of home and observe your relationships with your family members.  It can be an eye-opening experience and won't be hard to determine.  Big houses may have allowed escapes that small RVs do not.  But those relationships can improve.  Practice helps create better lifelong relationships.

Self-Sufficiency:  We are completely self-sufficient.  I love this!  With a generator, solar panels, holding tanks, fresh water, water pump, inverters, and propane-run refrigerator, hot water heater, and stove, we could live comfortably anywhere, even on the side of a highway.  This could come in very handy for hurricane evacuations. 

Flexibility:  Being self-sufficient also allows us to NOT WORRY about where we end up at the end of an exploration day.  Everything we need is already with us.  It is a strange feeling realizing that we are already where we need to be!  We even have a flatscreen LCD TV and satellite (not that I've figured out how to use the satellite yet). 

But we don't need to know like a Type-A exactly what we're doing for the day, nor the night, while in our RV.  Our GPS has campgrounds on it and at the very least, we can overnight in a Walmart, Cracker Barrel, or Sam's Club security-monitored parking lot.  We have travel flexibility which reduces stress and increases fun.

Opportunity:  We can go where we want, as long as there is a road or a ship to get us there.  Did you know that RV's can be shipped on passenger ferries and that our U.S. government runs the Alaska Marine Highway?  What a neat way to see the Inside Passage!  http://www.dot.state.ak.us/amhs/  and http://tinyurl.com/2ymayr  Travel opportunites that were never before imagined now burst forth for discovery.  Some people are ready for them, some take awhile to remove the blinders. 

Financially:  An RV is a very astute way of traveling.  Have you noticed the recent increase in hotel prices?  Add in their taxes and "resort fees," extra person charges, and maybe a second room for the 5 people, but don't bring your dogs because they are not allowed, and be careful of bed bugs, and ... it can be a real pain for a comfortable place to sleep.  We already have wonderful beds with luxurious linens and our own fluffy pillows.  And how much does a restaurant meal cost for 5 people? 

While the expenses of owning an RV can be high, most expenses are handled at the owner's discretion.  Because you have a choice in which rig to purchase, where you store it, and whether you handle some of the basic maintenance yourself, you can determine many of the costs.  Choose something that's right for your budget.  You can spend a lot of money, or you can spend less than for a new car. 

In general, if you use the rig frequently, then it pays for itself.  If you don't, it is money wasted.  You probably go on vacation- how much do you spend for that?  I can travel much more in my RV for the same expenditure (and probably have more fun).

Comfort:  All my items for comfort and need are already in the RV.  My clothes are on cute slimline hangers in the wardrobe or in drawers.  My makeup is in its medicine cabinet spot.  My hotel hairdryer is on the wall.  My bathroom is cleaned daily (albeit by me).  My minibar is reasonably priced (refrigerator).  Reading material, food, computer, etc.  I'm all set for comfy adventure!  And so is everyone else in the family. 

Friendship:  We have lots of friends wherever we go!  While it is a stereotype that RV'ers are friendly, I find it is typically true.  How often do you meet new hotel friends?  Not often.  These friendly RV folks are also online in various Yahoo groups and communities and real clubs like the Escapees http://www.escapees.com/ which build real friendships. 

And people meet up when they travel.  Or they caravan all over the world together, having appetizers and cocktails each evenings, special organized tours, potlucks, helping each other with their rigs, and host "open houses" for rig tours just for fun.  They plan Get-Togethers on regular basis and encourage a passion for RVing.  I think my RV friends are some of the nicest, most interesting, fun people in the world! 

(Ignorance & Arrogance:  dealing with different stereotypes.  On the otherhand, I think it is the most arrogant, ignorant, close-minded viewpoint for people to think RVing is in some way "less than" staying in a hotel.  Many of the rigs cost more, and are nicer, than many houses.  But who is so worried about appearances anyway?  Didn't we get over that in junior high?  Save the arrogance, please.  I'm too busy traveling and having fun to worry about that.)

Good Food:  We can eat what we want, when we want.  We can cook, have a bowl of cereal before bed, fire up the gas grill, drink hot coffee before getting dressed, or we can choose to eat in a fine restaurant.  We can eat inside or outside in the sun.  We can eat while traveling down the road, making good time.  We can even catch a fish and eat it for dinner.  Okay, we never have, but we might in Alaska! :)

Opportunities:  We can travel to places we've always wanted to visit, but couldn't afford to see without the RV.  Like the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, the Kentucky Derby, the Rose Bowl, the Baja Penninsula, Mexico, Canada.  And in the great United States you have Charleston, Savannah, Washington DC, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Disney World, California wine country!  You can follow the trail of history surrounding the Lewis & Clark Trail, the Pony Express, the Underground Railroad.  You can follow your friend around on the golf tour!  You can visit our nation's top 10 Children's Museums, the funkiest museums, all the baseball stadiums and take in ballgames along the way. 

Nearly any passion you have, can be pursued in your RV.  You can see so much and immerse yourself in the culture and interact with the people if not separated from others in standoffish resorts.  Where do you want to go?

Fun:  Because you saved all that money getting there, you can spend on having fun.  Go on the helicopter tour, a snorkeling tour, hire a guide in town, take the carriage ride, go into the gold mine, raft down the icy river, ride the hot air balloon, rent a speedboat at the lake, shop in the Olde Towne.  There is no need to race around- take your time and enjoy your visit and when the urge hits, move on down the road!

Love:  I LOVE my RV.  I mean *love*.  Ciao Baby has been painted and updated, renovated and babied.  It fills me with a sense of awe to open up the rollup garage door and step into her... ADVENTURE awaits!  She smells of fun times, of taking off for new places, of trying new things, of being excited.  She sparks my passion for life!

Travel Lust:  I like camping.  It's really nice in the great outdoors.  But I LOVE to travel!  This is what an RV allows me to do and I appreciate every minute of it.  It is just terrific to find and live my passion!



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