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While this trip planning is seeming a bit overwhelming, I have to remind myself that I AM making headway. 

Here's what we've done:

The rig:  Installed things in Ciao Baby:

  • New converter (PD 9270)
  • SeeLevel Gauges for tank readouts
  • The 120 Amp Circuit Breaker in the battery compartment
  • Got the curtains all fixed up with velcro to connect them.  Finished the door curtain panel.
  • Found the electrical splice for the solar panel - it's in the refrigerator panel, so we need to add a fuse and a diode at the splice.

If all that sounds simple, it was not!.  But The Nedchanic got it done.  My Lazy Daze Yahoo friends were a tremendous help, as usual.

Medical:  I've had my annual screening and dentist appointment.  The kids' dentist is this week.

Itinerary:  I'm considering moving the Europe portion of the trip to March-June and going in July to China.  It would be easier to ship the rig, fly to Greece to tour, and then pick up the rig in Italy.  Then maybe we could fly straight to China from there.  Just an idea...

I've penciled a day-by-day itinerary for June - October.  There's a lot of ground to cover, but I tried to allow 2 nights per location.  The Church's books are tremendously helpful.

Attended the neighborhood ladies' luncheon today where they were encouraging.  I gave out my calling card, which is very helpful with the itinerary on there.  My dear neighbor, Bobbie, came over afterward to visit and shared info on hiking gear- she even brought over a list with some sample clothing later to share with me.  Very helpful!

Our house is filled with stuff and it is driving me crazy.  I feel the need to simplify before we go.  It would be so nice to come back to a simplified environment.  

End-of-school year stuff is always exhausting.  May is just crammed full of performances and lunches and who-knows-what.  I was so proud of myself buying a "salad to share" at the grocery store deli today instead of making something.  It was so easy!  Yeah!

My 40th birthday is in 12 days.  In many ways, I'm glad it's here.  It certainly gives me impetus for getting moving and living life!

Homeschooling:  The attempting to teach the kids next years' material when they come home from school has met with resistance.  Yes, indeed!  I think it is all a bit overwhelming for them.  I'm really going to have to delve into the material for each child and see what is important and what can be learned another way.

Still to do:  I won't go through the long list of things I still need  to do, but I'm hoping it will all come together.  We'll try to keep it simple.


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