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Granbury:  We're back from a *fabulous* weekend in Granbury, TX, an antique, quaint town west of Dallas.  Ned did a *fantastic* planning job for a really special birthday trip! 

The Iron Horse Inn was historic and beautiful Judy and Bob got everyone talking at the scrumptious breakfasts, so we truly enjoyed all the other guests. 

In fact, fellow guests Ron and Dianne Farb began a Climb for Cancer Foundation that raises combines their passion for finding a cure for cancer with his love of mountain climbing   Ron has scaled 5 of the highest 7 in the world, including Everest!  Our travel is "Powder Puff Adventures" by comparison.  We sure admire them.

The 2nd B&B, the Inn on Lake Granbury, was opulent and amazing- 6 stars!  We highly recommend Cathy and Jim's resort for an R&R weekend getaway. 

I fell in love with this house that is a B&B for sale:  It can be bought, completely furnished, for $400k.  One block from Main Street.  Beautiful old oak trees.  Picket fence.  The Owner/Agent next door saw me drooling and showed us inside.  If I could have thought of a reason to buy it for my personal home, I would have!  #20865387 on and #10992441 on MLS.

Back to our upcoming trip:

RV:  Ciao Baby was going to get a state inspection and then an injector/engine cleaning.  Inspection wait time was an estimated 2 hours though, so instead I took her on to Elder's for the injector cleaning.  $150 later, Ciao Baby is so much peppier and happy now!  I am amazed.  An RV sitting in storage can produce a gunky gas situation.

However, I now can't get a state inspection until the gas tank (half full) is emptied because chemical cleaner is in it!  Oops!  And I need the Texas inspection done this month before I leave.   

Errands in the RV anyone?  I did pick up the kids after school in it, which they loved (car line was over).  Will get a propane leak test done too- that requires gas to get there- and we need a weigh-in at the Flying J before we go.  No problemo!

Bikes:  In spite of a nearby natural gas leak this afternoon, I was able to get all 4 bikes loaded on the new bike rack, got the locking mechanisms on the rack and the hitch, bar adapters on 3 bikes, and the helmets loaded.  Nothing fell off when I drove it back to storage!  Awesome.  Wonder if there is a cover for 4 bikes to keep them clean and dry?

European travel:  The propane adapters from Great Britian arrived today- fast!  And the voltage converter (37 lbs heavy) arrived over the weekend.  So we are ready to go!  AirTech flies to Europe from Orlando.  I figure we can drop the RV at the Jacksonville port in March and then hang out at Disney World in Orlando until we get some flights out to Europe.  :)

China:  I've pretty well decided to push China's timeframe to July.  Nice and hot.  Haha.  The crowds in Europe during summer high season make the famous sites miserable, but we can avoid most of that by doing Europe from March-June and then China in July.

More work:  The generator is not sending power into the RV.  Need to fix that.  Blah!

Have no internet planned.  Stressed about that. 

HomeSchool:  Kids' good reading books came in.  Love the Flashmaster for Lia.  Haven't been doing future schooling any more.  Will wait until this school year is over.  Then we plan on 2 hours per day.  Read "WorldTrek"-  they waited until Sept 1 to begin serious schooling and attempted to spend 3.5 hours every morning schooling, only to find it was siesta time by the time they had lunch and finally got out.  I'm thinking we'd rather do a couple hours daily, beginning in June.  Less stress. 

Travel Book learning:  Am going to ask the kids to read travel books (like Frommer's) daily for 5 min (for Lia), 10 min Charles, 15 min. Jazy.  I want them to learn about where they are going, develop a curiosity about it, and develop travel skills.

Kids' Perspective:  The kids enjoyed fabulous weekends, each with their best friend, while we were away for the weekend.  They are blessed with generous friends and were happily spoiled with the fun activities.  It reminded me of the valuable lessons I hope they learn in Central America and the other places we travel.  Perspective is a good thing to have in life.  Always comparing up instead of down is dangerous to the soul.

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