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Suppose you had the lifelong dream of going into outer space.  Suddenly, your dream comes true - NASA calls and tells you that NOW is your chance!  And your kids can go too!

Will you do it?  Will you recognize and seize the opportunity of a lifetime?

Or will you instead stay home, worried that your marriage won't survive, or that your spouse will replace you with someone who better serves his/her needs, or that you are being selfish and should just put aside your own passion for life until a more convenient time for everyone (knowing that you probably won't get this chance again in this lifetime). 

What if your spouse understood your passion and the opportunity and was willing to have things be just a little more difficult for him for a known timeframe because he loves you and the kids? 

(Have you made similar sacrifices for him before?  I'll bet you can think of some examples.) 

With available technology of cell phones, web cams, free voice-over IP phone calls, email, etc you can be frequently in touch.  He can fly out to meet you too as his work allows.  He loves his work and doesn't want to go.  You clearly understand that all of you will experience heart-wrenching moments of missing each other.  Will you go anyway? 

Will you let your fear of the unknown, the work required for the trip, or the guaranteed frustrations of living in close-quarters with your precious kids end your dream?

Will the fear of dissolving your strong marriage of 19 years to your best friend, the cutest-man-in-the-world, stand in your way?

If not - if you'd seize that rare chance with a loud "HOORAY!" - then you understand my situation.



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